How to use the Shared Inbox by Integrating your Email in Meltwater

Use Meltwater’s Shared Inbox to view interactions with journalists within Media Relations.

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In the Shared Inbox, available for Media Relations users, you’ll be able to connect your email into your Meltwater account. This allows you to see your team’s interaction history for a journalist in the Meltwater database, and reply directly in a shared thread.

What’s the Value?

Successful relationship and campaign management are paramount to driving success in PR efforts. We know that pitching effectively is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Collaborative Inbox helps prevent double pitching to make sure you maintain those relationships by allowing all members of your team to see all the details.

Sending mass emails hoping that a journalist will pick up the story is not only less effective than targeting your outreach - it can also get you blocked. Meanwhile, personalized pitching, which is informed by research on journalists’ backgrounds, as well as their social footprint, is more likely to resonate and result in landed coverage.

Today, this isn’t very scalable. As a result, PR teams are left with asynchronous processes like bcc’ing, maintaining shared contact lists across tools, and checking in before validating that a journalist is “pitchable.” All these moving parts can result in an embarrassing double-pitch.

Media Relations aims to address these frustrations by providing a Collaborative Inbox, enabling you to see the correspondence across your team, and knowing when a given journalist has already been pitched.

  • Relationship management: Enable your team to collaborate and make more informed decisions by automatically tracking interactions with members of the media.

  • Improved Workflows: Access mass distribution or individual emails from a Journalist Profile, regardless who in the team sent it.

  • Enable hyper-targeted monitoring: Monitor what specific people of interest are writing about across news and Twitter to increase engagement on outreach and add to media lists during daily media monitoring.

Coaching and professional development: Help your staff grow by promoting consistencies in pitching approach or campaign management strategies

How does it work?

Learn more about step-by-step workflows provided below:

Setting up Email Integration with Meltwater

First you will need to set up email integration within your Meltwater account.

1. Navigate to Account, then Email Integration in the left-hand navigation bar.

Please note: We use a service called Nylas to sync emails into Meltwater, so you will be prompted to allow Nylas access as part of the authentication and connection process. Email Integration in Media Relations is supported for the following email providers: Google and Microsoft.

2. Select “Connect your email today!”, then select “Add account”, next confirm the Privacy Policy.

3. Type in your email and follow the prompts to connect your email as outlined in the gif below:

4. Your email account is now set up to use email integration

Using the Overview Tab in the Journalist Profile

Now that you have set up your email integration with Meltwater, navigate to a journalist profile within Meltwater’s media database to check out the options you have access to.

Using the Interactions Tab in the Journalist Profile

The Interactions Tab is where you can view the most recent or important interactions history between the journalist, yourself and your team in the table as shown below:

You are able to view - email type, who the email is from, email status and latest activity. When you select an email you are able to dive deeper into the interactions and see all correspondence sent.

If there has not yet been an interaction with the individual you may choose to send an email directly from the profile page you’re on by:

  1. Select “Send Email”

  2. Compose email by adding additional recipients (if needed), subject, body, etc..

  3. Send the email.

If you’ve had an interaction with the individual, and that email thread exists in your inbox, you will see it in the table. By clicking on the threads, the email viewer will open. You can always draft a new email by clicking on a journalist’s email address or from the Actions menu.

Other Features

Including attachments in your emails

The Contact database allows you to attach multiple documents per distribution under the following guidelines.

Correspondence sent through Integrated Email:

  • Single file size must be less than or equal to 20 MB.

  • Total file size must be less than or equal to 20 MB.

  • In-line images must be less than or equal to 10 MB.

Learn more here.

Security Note

We use a third party called Nylas, which requires verification from both Google and Microsoft when we are in development of email integration. Nylas, interchanges with Google or Microsoft's authentication and data handshaking systems. Here’s Nylas’ page for additional information.

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