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Connecting and Reconnecting Your YouTube Account (Social Connections: Owned Tab)
Connecting and Reconnecting Your YouTube Account (Social Connections: Owned Tab)

Publish, engage, and measure your YouTube channels via Engage.

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Meltwater's Engage and Measure platforms offer powerful tools for managing and analyzing your social media channels. With Engage, you can effortlessly schedule posts, publish content, and engage with your audience directly. Measure allows you to delve into the analytics of your owned channels, providing insights to inform your social media strategy.

This article will cover:

Before Connecting Your YouTube

To utilize the Owned Connections feature, you must have Meltwater's social media management tool, Engage, included in your subscription. If Engage is not currently part of your subscription plan, please reach out to your account manager for further information.

There are also requirements for the various social platforms based on their restrictions for third-party providers like Meltwater. Please complete the following before connecting your social accounts to Engage.

For YouTube, your Google profile must be an administrator of the YouTube account you'll be managing within Meltwater Engage.

Connecting Your YouTube Account

The number of accounts you can connect simultaneously depends on your Meltwater subscription. To check the number of connected accounts allowed, navigate to the Owned Connections tab in your Account Settings. Here, you will see the number of profiles already added and how many more you are able to add. If you need further assistance, contact your account manager.

  1. Go to the Account drop-down in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Click Social connections

  3. Select Owned Connections

  4. Navigate to the YouTube section

  5. Select Add Account

  6. A pop-up will appear that will prompt you to log in to your Google Account

  7. Review the Google message detailing the YouTube information shared with Meltwater Engage

  8. Select Allow

  9. Select the YouTube channel(s) to be added

Once connected, your channel name, profile photo, and name of the person connecting will be displayed on your Owned Connections page. YouTube accounts do not need to be reconnected, as the connection never expires.

Expired or Disconnected YouTube Accounts

Expired Accounts

Due to the various API limitations of each platform, some of your owned social accounts may expire after a certain period of time. YouTube never expires.

Disconnected Accounts

These social platforms also take their own security measures that can trigger your account to be disconnected if they identify and flag certain 'suspicious' behaviors on your account. These can include:

  • Use of Alias usernames

  • Use of the same account credentials from multiple IP addresses. This frequently happens within teams that are sharing login details or multiple devices

  • Publishing content that gets flagged for copyright violations or other inappropriate content.

There may also be changes to your account settings that trigger a disconnection. These can include:

  • Changing the password or username of a user with 'Administrator' access to your profile

  • Removing a user with 'Administrator' access to your profile

  • Revoking Meltwater's access to your social account

Knowing there are several ways your accounts can be disconnected, most of which are out of Meltwater’s control, we recommend always checking your owned social accounts in your account settings and verifying that the account(s) are still connected to Meltwater.

You will also be notified of a disconnection via email or in-app. An email will be sent to all users directly to their inbox, reminding them to reconnect their owned social account(s). An opt-out for these types of emails will be available for all users as well.

Reconnecting Your YouTube Account

The following steps to reconnect your social profiles will be similar to the initial setup process and will require you to have administrator access to your social profiles on their native platform.

  1. Go to the Account drop-down in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Click Social connections

  3. Select Owned Connections

  4. Identify the owned YouTube account(s) that are disconnected or expired. This will be identified by red font labels Invalid or Expired, followed by the date the account lost connection to Meltwater

  5. Within the pop-up, follow the prompts to log into your social account. This will ask you to log into your personal profile, which must be an administrator of your business profile if that is applicable

  6. Review the native platform's message detailing the information shared with Meltwater Engage

  7. Select OK

Once your profile has been reconnected, it will display as Connected

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