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Engage Troubleshooting: Google Business
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Difficulty connecting Google Business to Engage?

When the primary owner of your business is a group, you'll need to add a user with an Owner or Manager role before you can connect to Meltwater. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your Google Business Profile Manager → Businesses

  2. Click on the Google Business you wish to add to Meltwater

  3. Click the Action Dots

  4. Click Business Profile Settings

  5. Click People and access

  6. Add the email ID of the user that requires access to the Business, and click Invite (this will be the user you log in with to connect to Meltwater)

  7. This user will receive an email invitation. Please follow the prompt in the email to accept the permissions.

  8. Repeat for each Business you wish to add to Meltwater

  9. Click Add Account under Google Business

  10. Log in with the user you just added to the Business(es)

  11. You should no longer see an error message, and the connection pop-up window will display a list of accounts you can connect

  12. Select accounts and follow all prompts

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