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Sending Email Outreach to Influencers
Sending Email Outreach to Influencers

Send emails to hundreds of influencers at once to maximize your campaign outreach.

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Whether you have just started your influencer marketing journey or have multiple campaigns under your belt, influencer outreach will always be a fundamental part of the process. Depending on your campaign deliverables and goals, you may want to contact influencers individually or all at once. Through Klear, you can send emails to multiple influencers in bulk using Mass Email Outreach, or send individual emails.

Learning Objectives:

  • Send individual outreach email

  • Send Mass Email Outreach through Recruit

  • Send Mass Email in Discovery or from your database

  • Track metrics on your Mass Email Campaign

This article will cover:


To send emails, you must have an email address integrated into your Klear account. To integrate your email, visit the Integrations tab in your account settings, select the +Connect Email button, and follow the instructions. Email integration is available for all Gmail and Microsoft Office/Outlook email addresses. You can also integrate more than one email address using the +Connect Another Email button so you can collaborate with other members of your team.

To help streamline your outreach process, you can also access your Email Template Manager. Learn more about Email Templates.

Sending Email Outreach

Send individual outreach emails

You can send individual outreach emails to influencers and creators from their individual profile pages or from your discovery search results.

Send an Email From an Influencer Profile Page

Once you’ve identified an influencer you’d like to reach out to, visit their profile page and follow these steps:

  1. Click Send Email from the influencer profile

  2. From the Send Email pop-up, select the correct email address for the sender (if you have more than one account connected), and update your Subject Line

  3. Write your email copy in the provided space, or use the templates button to populate one of your pre-built email templates.

  4. Attach any relevant files

  5. Once finished, click Send.

  6. If the influencer’s email address isn’t in the Klear database, a pop-up will appear for you to fill in the influencer's contact details.

Send an Email From Discovery Search Results

If you’ve identified an influencer in your discovery search results you’d like to send an outreach email to, take the following steps:

  • Click the Send Email button from the influencer profile

  • Use the Send Email pop-up to fill in the information outlined in the steps above

Send Mass Email

If you are emailing many influencers at once, you can do so through the Recruit module using the Mass Email function. For this method, you’ll need to prepare a list of recipients ahead of time through tags or a CSV file. Alternatively, you can send a Mass Email directly from your discovery search results or your My Influencers database if you’d like to outreach within your current workflow.

Send Mass Email From Recruit

To send Mass Email outreach through Recruit, you’ll need to prepare a list of recipients.

Creating an Outreach List for a Mass Email

Your recipient list can be created in two ways: creating a list using tags or uploading a CSV.

Creating a List Using Tags

  1. Add a new or existing tag to influencers through Discovery search results or the influencer profile page.

  2. To apply a tag to influencers in bulk from Discovery search results, use the checkboxes next to each influencer, then use the Actions bar to select Add Tag.

Uploading a CSV

There may be situations where you’ve gathered influencer contact details separately, but still want to send your outreach via Mass Email in Klear.

  1. Download the provided template to prepare your list of influencers, filling out the appropriate details. Note: Email address is the only required field.

Sending Your Mass Email

Sending Your Mass Email in Recruit

  1. Select the +Mass Email button to populate the email outreach builder pop-up

  2. Name your email outreach campaign

  3. Select the recipients through either the Tagged Influencers or Upload CSV buttons.

  4. Select the email address the email should come from.

  5. Update the subject line and email copy using the space provided. (These areas will be pre-populated with example language, but it’s always recommended to adjust the copy with your own brand language).

  6. Use the Template button at the bottom to populate an existing email template from your account.

  7. Use the Variables button to include personalized fields like name or social handle.

  8. Include any relevant Attachments

  9. To include a Recruit Landing Pages/Application form as a CTA in your email, select the Add a link to an application form box. Then use the dropdown to select an active Application form to include and confirm the CTA text.

  10. If you don’t want to include an Application form, uncheck the application form box, and the Apply button will disappear from your email.

  11. Once your email is ready, hit the Send Email button.

From here, the influencers will receive your outreach in their email inbox. Klear enforces daily email limits of 300 emails per day per integrated email account. If your mass email outreach exceeds this number, your remaining emails will be scheduled for the next available day.

Sending Your Mass Email in Discovery or My Influencers

  1. Either select influencers from Discovery search results by hovering over their profile image and clicking the circle that appears on the top left. Or select influencers from My Influencers by hovering over their profile image and clicking the circle that appears on the top left, or use the checkboxes on the left-hand side if you are using the table view mode.

  2. With your influencers selected, then use the Actions dropdown and select the Send Mass Email option.

  3. Confirm your choices in the pop-up. If any influencers are missing contact information, you can type in their email address. Click Next, once you are done.

  4. Use the Mass Email builder to name your outreach campaign and adjust the subject, update the copy of your email, and add any relevant attachments. Once complete, hit the Send button.

Tracking Your Email Stats

After your email is sent, you can easily track the status through the Mass Email tab.

  1. See an overview of the following stats: number of recipients, percentage sent, number of opens, number of clicks, and number of applications (if applicable), and click directly into each email campaign to see stats per recipient.

  2. From the Show All Recipients dropdown, you can select a subset of the list to filter your results. The View Content button will surface the email copy sent for reference.

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