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Creating Email Templates in Klear
Creating Email Templates in Klear
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As you run more campaigns, and recruit more influencers, your email communications will increase. While the content of the message will change depending on the stage in the process, you can use saved email templates to help streamline the process. Saving you the time of having to type up a new message or search for language you’ve used in the past each time. You can email influencers across multiple areas in Klear, including Discover, Recruit, Influencers, and Campaigns. Within these areas, you can access all of your saved email templates to help in your email process.

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To send emails coming from your company/brand email, you’ll need to integrate your email within Klear. This can be done on the Integrations tab in your settings. Select the +Connect Email button and follow the prompts to connect. You can integrate any Gmail or Microsoft Outlook email address. You can also integrate more than one email address using the +Connect Another Email button so you can collaborate with other members of your team.

Email Templates

Four pre-built email templates are automatically loaded into your Klear account and Attributes Tab to get you started. These include a Campaign invite, Outreach, Recruit applicant approval, and Recruit applicant decline email. You can access these emails, create new ones, and manage your templates through the Manage Templates option across Klear.

Creating and Managing Email Templates

You can create a new template or manage existing ones within the Manage Templates module or Attributes Tab.

  1. To create a new template, select the +Add Template button

  2. Use the space to draft your new template and use the Variables button to include custom fields like first name or social account.

  3. Once your draft is complete, click Save.

To delete templates from your account, hover over your email template and select the trash icon.

Accessing Templates in Campaigns

Email templates will be accessible within the Connect section of each campaign.

  1. Click on an influencer(s) from the sidebar and select the Templates button from the bottom actions bar.

  2. Select the template to create your new message and it will populate in the message space provided.

Accessing Templates In Discovery

As you discover new influencers and reach out to start a connection, you can either send individual or Mass Email outreach. Individual emails can be sent directly from influencer profile pages or Discovery search results.

  1. From an individual influencer profile or Discovery search results, click the email icon button.

  2. From the Send Email pop-up, click on the Templates button from the options at the bottom, and your existing template options will pop up.

  3. To apply an existing template, click on your desired message, which will populate in your email space.

Accessing Templates In Recruit

Within Recruit, you can use your email templates when sending a Mass Email.

  1. Click +Mass Email in Recruit.

  2. From the email builder pop-up, select the Manage Templates button to use an existing template

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