Using Filters to Increase the Relevance of Your News-Specific Searches
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High-quality searches save time when monitoring the media, curating news briefs for stakeholders, and reporting campaigns or ongoing earned media.

Meltwater offers several different filters for news and social media. For news, content can be filtered by source or by four different criteria.

  • Media Format (Print)

  • Outlet Type

  • Premium License

  • Reach

This article will cover:

  • Media Format (Print) distinguishes between print and online news. As you’d expect, this will help you to create searches that specifically include/exclude print content.

  • Outlet Type lets you more narrowly define the type of news you want to search for. For example, you can search only trade publications or exclude press releases from the search results.

Media Format (Print)

Meltwater has partnerships with select content providers that offer access to print media. Access to this content is offered as an add-on package, and the print filter allows you to isolate print coverage in your search results.

Note: If you have separate agreements (or you’re considering entering into such agreements) with third-party content providers that Meltwater hasn’t integrated with, this content can often be brought into Meltwater via RSS feeds to complete your earned media reporting needs. Note that you will not be able to apply the print filter to isolate the coverage brought in via RSS feeds. Learn more about Adding an Incoming RSS Feed.

Outlet Type

When doing earned media analysis, it’s often desirable to remove noise from search results. To make this easier, we have introduced filters for press releases, market research reports, and other subcategories. When doing a competitive scan, it’s also possible to search specifically in trade publications. Below is a complete overview of currently available outlet types.

Any feedback on the classification of outlet types can be directed to

General News

Includes news outlets and other providers of newsworthy content.

Example: NYTimes

Market Research Reports

Websites that provide information on certain topics such as buying behavior, competitor news etc.

News Aggregators

Aggregators gather news stories from multiple sources.

Press Releases

Websites publishing press releases by their company/other companies.

Stock Market News

Websites reporting on stock exchanges.

Trade Publications

Magazines with articles and information targeting people working in a particular industry.

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