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Track Instagram Stories From Unauthenticated Influencers Using Engage
Track Instagram Stories From Unauthenticated Influencers Using Engage
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Klear offers multiple ways for your brand to track Instagram stories from unauthenticated users. While having influencers authenticate is the ideal scenario to track stories and corresponding metrics automatically, many influencers are still hesitant to connect their social accounts to influencer platforms.

This article will cover:

Note: The option to manually upload content to your campaigns is still available. Learn more about Manually Uploading Content to a Campaign.


To capture Stories successfully, you must also have Engage in your Meltwater subscription.

First, authenticate your Owned Instagram Business account, which will be tagged in influencers' Stories. Learn more about Connecting Your Instagram.

You will also need to connect the Facebook page tied to your Business account in Engage. Learn more about Connecting Your Facebook.

Once you have connected your Instagram and Facebook accounts, add the brand handle as a tracking keyword in your Klear Campaign and instruct influencers to tag your brand in their Instagram Stories.

Note: Hashtags alone will not be captured.

Saving Instagram Stories to Your Klear Campaigns

Once an Instagram Story tagging your brand is published, you will receive notifications via email and within Klear, letting you know it is available to add to your campaign.

Note: Media for stories will only be available to download in Klear for 24 hours. You will receive one email notification per 24 hour window, you will not receive an email for each Instagram story posted.

  1. From your Klear homepage, a banner will highlight the number of Stories currently available to add to your campaigns

  2. Click View Stories

  3. From the pop-up, all of your campaigns with live Instagram Stories will appear

  4. Click View to see the Stories for each campaign and how long until they expire

  5. Download the media for each Story and save it to your device by right-clicking on the Story thumbnail

  6. Add the media to your campaign by clicking Upload

  7. Within the pop-up, add the file you downloaded

    Note: If you received any metrics from the influencer, fill in these optional areas with metrics. If you do not have any metrics, leave these blank. Klear’s True Reach calculation will be applied to your Measure dashboard.

  8. Click Add to Campaign

Upload Instagram Stories In Campaigns From Measure

Your Measure dashboard will automatically capture and apply the unauthenticated Story post count and Klear True reach metrics. From your Measure view, you can see the Instagram Stories with media available to download and save to your specific campaign.

For story media not yet saved to your campaign, you’ll either see the image preview or blank thumbnails for videos. You will also see the timestamp of how long you have until it expires.

  1. A banner will also display the number of new unauthenticated Stories available for download.

  2. Click View Stories and use the pop-up as described above to download and upload the media to your campaign.

  3. If the media expires before you can save it to your campaign, the thumbnail will reflect this status.

    Note: You can still upload the media and metrics if you receive them separately.

Updating Account Settings for Reporting Expired Unauthenticated Stories

To update your reporting preferences for expired stories, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your account settings.

  2. Click Reporting

  3. Scroll down to the Unauthenticated Instagram Stories Metrics section.

  4. Keep the toggle tuned on to keep unauthenticated story metrics in your campaign reporting, or turn the toggle off to remove unauthenticated stories once they expire (and you haven’t saved the media to your campaign)

  5. The setting you choose will affect ALL users in your Klear account.

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