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Manually Uploading Content to a Campaign
Manually Uploading Content to a Campaign
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Having all content and metrics accessible from a campaign is critical for brands to track the progress and evaluate the success of their influencer campaigns.

When you want to report on campaign success but cannot automatically capture content, you can upload content manually.

The manual process is currently available for Instagram posts, reels, and stories, Facebook posts and stories, YouTube videos, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and Blogs.

This article will cover:

Uploading Content Manually

To upload content manually, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Campaign Settings

  2. Within the Manual Posts section, click +Add Post To campaign

  3. Select the correct network

  4. For each network, fill in the required and/or optional fields to upload the content you captured from your influencers:

    1. For Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, enter the post URL.

    2. For Instagram, select your influencer, then either upload by entering a post URL or selecting from their populated feed

    3. For TikTok, select your influencer and choose your method to upload from either Select From Feed or Manually Add Post

    4. For Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, or Blog, upload the post file, select the influencer, publish date, and fill in any additional/optional metrics.

  5. Add them to your campaign

Managing Manually Uploaded Content

Once your content has been manually uploaded, that content will live in the Campaign Settings.

  1. Navigate to Campaign Settings

  2. Click on Manual Posts Manage to view all of the posts you’ve added or removed in a campaign

  3. You can delete any manually added posts from this view

Manual Story Upload by Influencers

Klear also offers a way for non-authenticated influencers to upload Instagram Stories directly to the campaign they were invited to.

If you are an influencer looking to manually upload your stories, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your campaign brief

  2. Click Manually Upload Instagram Story to Campaign at the bottom of the page

  3. A new window will pop up where you can fill in relevant details such as the date the story was published and metrics like reach, impressions, replies, and taps back

  4. Additionally, to increase trust between you and the brand, you can add a screenshot of the Instagram Story Insights

  5. Once you’ve uploaded your story, it will automatically be added to the campaign measure tab

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