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Sending Gifts to Influencers in Your Campaign Without A Klear Account
Sending Gifts to Influencers in Your Campaign Without A Klear Account
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You can facilitate product gifting individually to influencers in your campaign who don’t have a Klear account. This option will streamline campaign execution for instances where you will not need to send additional campaign details like the campaign brief, links, agreements, or coupon codes through Klear to influencers. Through this method, you can designate specific product(s) to send to an individual influencer rather than offering a collection for them to choose from.

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To send gifts to influencers without an account, you must have your Shopify store integrated into Klear. Learn more about Meltwater’s Shopify Integration.

Sending Products to Influencers without a Klear Account

Once you are ready to send your gift(s), follow these steps:

  1. Select the Connect tab within your campaign

  2. Select the influencer you’d like to send a gift to from the list

  3. Click Send Gift from the actions bar at the bottom

    Note: You must have the influencer's email and shipping address.

  4. From the pop-up, specify your Shopify store and the product(s) you’d like to send

  5. Click Next

    Note: You cannot provide options for the influencer to choose from. You can only send pre-selected products without them creating an account

  6. Fill in the shipping address, and hit Order

    Note: If you’ve sent this influencer a product gift in the past, their address will be populated, if not, you’ll need to manually fill it in.

  7. Confirm your order

  8. Your order will be created on your Shopify, the delivery status will be tracked in Klear, and you can let the influencer know the product is on the way! Your influencer will also get an email from Shopify once the order is on the way.

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