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Track conversions, send coupon codes, and recruit your most influential clients.

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Learn how to use set up your Shopify Integration to track conversations, send coupon codes, and recruit your most influential clients.

Integrate your Store

Klear’s Shopify integration is the ultimate resource for identifying and collaborating with your influential clients. This capability identifies influencers in your client base, generates and shares coupon codes, and tracks conversions. An end-to-end

tool for running influencer loyalty programs.

To integrate your store, visit your Klear account settings page.

  1. Within Account Settings, Select Integrations, Scroll down to Shopify, Select Connect.

2. Add app from the Shopify app store

Recruit your Clients

Klear now easily identifies influencers within your client network. Embed a recruitment form in your store and collect client social credentials.

Klear automatically assesses client credentials, and uses data-driven metrics to identify your clients with the most social impact.

All applicants all visible on your Klear account. You can easily view an influencer’s metrics and add to a campaign to begin collaborating.

Import Shopify Codes

Through a new Manage Coupons module within your account settings, you can now bulk upload existing coupon codes from your Shopify store and access all your coupon codes in your Klear account.

You can easily import all your existing Shopify codes by uploading a CSV document into your account. To get the CSV template and complete the upload process, head to your Settings, navigate to the integrations tab, and then scroll down to your connected Shopify store. From there:

  • Click on the three-dot icon next to your connected domain and hit Manage Coupons

  • A pop-up will appear with a table view of your existing coupon codes with corresponding details, including the date created, influencer, code name, campaigns included etc.

  • Select the Upload Coupon CSV button and download the CSV template from the pop-up.

  • Fill in your CSV template with the correct network, username, and coupon name. Important: The details in this CSV need to be accurate and spelled correctly in order to upload successfully.

  • Once your template is complete, upload the file into the module. After uploading, the pop-up will confirm how many codes were detected.

  • Hit Import to complete the process.

Note: If you already have a campaign set up and your influencers have joined, you can also add these coupons to a specific campaign from this view.

Send Coupon Codes

Klear generates coupon codes that can be shared with your influencers and applied to purchases. Coupon codes can be customized by name, value, and time frame.

Reports will automatically include coupon code usage along with conversion metrics; i.e. revenue and product sold. A Transaction ID is available for a holistic assessment of both Klear data and Shopify reports.

Learn more about how to use Existing Coupon Codes Across Campaigns here.

Track Sales And Conversions

Monitor coupon codes and tracking links to gauge the success of your collaborations.

Once you’ve connected your Shopify Store, Klear automatically aggregates and measures all tracking links. For each link Klear measures clicks, conversions, conversion rate, and revenue.

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