Customizing Your Newsletter Template

Learn the nuances of customizing your Newsletter Template according to your guidelines.

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Customizing your newsletter is Step 2 of 4 when creating a newsletter. We recommend the following steps, but all templates offer the same layout options, and they can be toggled on or off by selecting the Layout Options Tab in the Template Editor. The customization workflow is the same for both Manual and Automatic Newsletters.

Customizing a Manual or Automatic Newsletter


  1. Click Styles

  2. Here, you can select the Page Background and Body Background

  3. Select the colors based on hex, rgb or hsl, the color dropper or recently used

  4. Click Apply

Layout Options

  1. Click Layout Options

  2. You can click on any part of the template to update and customize

  3. Or from the layout options menu, toggle on and off and update:

    1. Header - Add Logo, name your newsletter, date your logo

    2. Hero - You can add or remove an additional section for a title and date (Logo isn’t available here)

    3. Banner image - where you can upload a designed banner image

    4. Section navigation - a menu that outlines each section of the Newsletter

    5. Sign-off text - brand your Newsletter even further by adding your company’s tagline or slogan

  4. Social Share Icons: Easily display or hide social share icons directly on your articles in the Newsletter. Whether it's sharing positive coverage or engaging with your audience on social media, this feature is designed to make your newsletters more interactive. Simply toggle the social share icons on or off in the template editor to customize your newsletter's look and feel. Please note: Due to terms of service agreements, some premium content partners prevent the addition of social media icons to their content.

  5. Footer Social Media Links: Add a branded touch to your Newsletter by adding hyperlinks to your organization's social media channels in the footer. Seamlessly integrate your social media presence into your newsletter template, ensuring a cohesive experience for your audience. Customize the text, font styles, and URLs to align with your brand identity.

  6. Discoverable similar articles based on reach: Now you can easily choose the most impactful syndicated article, not just the latest one, when adding stories to your newsletter. We'll show you both options in your search results, grouped together. You can easily select which one should be included in your Newsletter. As you add articles to your Newsletter, click on the section you'd like to add content to. Click Add Inputs on the right-hand side, and select your searches or tags. Click on Duplicates at the bottom to expand similar articles.

  7. Click Apply after making any changes

Add Section

  1. Click Add Section

  2. Add a section name

  3. Select a section to copy styling from

  4. Click Add

    Tip: We recommend adding your logo first. This way, if you want to use any colors from the logo, you can use the color dropper to easily pull the color into other areas of the document. Here’s how:

  5. Toggle on the Header

  6. Click on the logo

  7. Update the Logo Image section: Add the logo by drag-and-drop, upload, or add the URL link.

  8. Click Next

  9. The Select Content page will open. Learn more about Selecting Content for Your Newsletter.

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