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What Content Klear Automatically Captures
What Content Klear Automatically Captures
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One of the greatest time-saving features in Klear is its ability to automatically pull content into a campaign once you’ve added influencers and set your tracking keywords. Understanding what type of content and from which social networks are automatically tracked within the platform will help you set campaign goals and strategy more efficiently.

Learning Objectives:

  • On what social networks will Klear automatically track content

  • What content types Klear tracks (Reels, Stories, Videos, Static Posts)

  • How to ensure Influencers have Instagram embedding turned on for Klear to display and track their content.

  • How to initiate an update to an influencer profile in Klear

This article will cover:


To capture content in Klear you will need to first set your tracking Keywords, Hashtags, or Brand Handles. These tracked keywords are what allow Klear to display relevant content in your campaign and are necessary to populate content in the Measure tab. For more information about setting up tracking keywords in your campaign visit the Klear Getting Started Guide.

Content Guide

Social Networks on which Klear tracks content

This guide provides you with what social networks are supported in Klear and subsequently what content is tracked for each network. It includes any additional steps or exemptions for each social network and content type.


Automatically Captured

  • Reels

  • Static Posts

  • Videos

Requires Account Authentication

Note: For Instagram Live videos to be captured in Klear the Influencer must post the live video to their feed. Klear will not capture Live videos that have not been added to the influencer's profile via a video or Reel post.


Automatically Captured

  • Videos

  • Shorts

Note: All YouTube videos will be tracked using keywords, hashtags, or brand handles that are mentioned in the video title or description. Klear does not track keywords or brand handles that are mentioned in the video dialogue.


Automatically Captured

  • Static Posts

  • Videos

Not Captured in Klear

  • Facebook Reels

  • Facebook Stories


Automatically Captured

  • Video posts

Not Captured in Klear

  • TikTok Stories

X (Formally Twitter)

Automatically Captured

  • All Tweets


Automatically Captured

  • All posted content

Note: Klear can capture all posted content on Pinterest that includes the appropriate tracking keywords but is not able to display engagement metrics such as saves or favorites at this time.


Automatically captured

  • Video Streams

Note: For Klear to capture Twitch streams the tracking keywords must be included in the Title or Description of the stream.

Ensuring Instagram Embedding is Enabled

In some cases, an Influencer may have disabled embedding for their Instagram account. This will inhibit Klear from displaying the creator's content on the platform as they have revoked permission to host their content on third-party websites.

If this is the case please request that the Influencer you are partnering with follows the instructions below to turn embedding on in their Instagram account.

To turn on Embedding in Instagram settings:

  1. Open Instagram and click on your profile picture in the bottom right to access your profile

  2. Click more options in the top right, then click settings and privacy.

  3. Below How others can interact with you, tap Guides and Sharing.

  4. Tap switch on next to allow website embeds to turn the setting on

Updating an Influencer Profile in Klear

Checking that an influencer’s profile data is up to date across all Social Networks will ensure that all campaign and profile information is accurate and ready to report out on.

To update an influencer profile:

  1. Open the influencer profile you wish to update

  2. Click Update to refresh profile data

  3. A notification will appear to let you know that the profile is currently being updated

  4. Once the profile has been successfully updated, you will be notified and to access the updated profile simply click the notification badge.

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