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What to do if you notice an article isn't showing up in Meltwater
What to do if you notice an article isn't showing up in Meltwater
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If you aren’t able to access some relevant content in your Meltwater account that you need to include in a report, read on for a solution to that problem.

Before getting into solutions, it may be helpful to know that there could be technical, commercial, or other reasons for content not being available in your account.

This article offers three simple solutions to add relevant content to your Meltwater account and organize it to fit in with your existing workstreams for reporting purposes.

Methods for extending earned media reporting in Meltwater

As a PR and Communications professional, it can be challenging to keep up with managing campaigns, tracking issues, organizing, sharing, and reporting on media coverage. Often, this involves using tools like Meltwater, in addition to subscribing to industry newsletters, manually checking competitor pages, government websites, and more. Many teams also rely on agencies to execute and track the results of campaigns in specific markets.

There is a need for consolidated deliverables, but consolidating relevant information from different sources can be daunting and very time consuming.

To address that problem, we have developed a set of tools designed to streamline adding any type of content you’d like to access in your account to be included in earned media reports or other deliverables.

Add content from anywhere online

With a click of a button, easily add relevant earned media wins that you’d like to include in a report, insightful commentary from a newsletter you’re subscribing to, and more by downloading the Meltwater Chrome extension here.

How it works:

  • Anytime you come across a piece of content online that you’d like to add to your Meltwater account, you can easily do so by clicking on the extension icon on your Google Chrome toolbar.

  • Assign the content to one or more saved searches in order to include it in a report or a news brief for your stakeholders. If you already use tags to organize content, you can also apply tags directly from the Chrome extension.

  • Key fields from the content are pre-populated (e.g. for a news article, this would include a headline, description, and author name). You can overwrite these fields if necessary. For example, to highlight a quote from an executive, copy it from the article to the Description field and it will be featured in Meltwater.

  • Please note: there may be a slight delay before your content is visible in the Meltwater system.

Add content in bulk

If you’re trying to consolidate earned media wins from a campaign or issue managed by multiple teams (internal and/or external) you may find yourself juggling coverage in multiple spreadsheets or emails. You can simplify this process by copying and pasting up to 50 URLs into the Add Content feature in your Meltwater account (found under Content in the left navigation bar). You can easily organize the content by associating the coverage with one or more searches and/or tags. Subsequently, apply the search(es) or tag(s) as data inputs to create your campaign report (or other deliverable).

Add content inline

If you're using our Newsletter solution to brief stakeholders on important media coverage and issues, you can also add any content inline as part of your process of selecting what content to include in your newsletter. This could be user-generated content, owned media from your company website/blog, competitive intelligence or other.

NOTE: Our goal with the solutions above is to unblock you and get you to complete your report (or other deliverable) and meet your deadline. Note - any content you add to your account will only be available in your account (i.e. it remains private).

How to request a publication to be tracked

You can also request a specific publication or outlet to be tracked by Meltwater. To do this, reach out to Meltwater support, via live chat. Not all requests can be successfully processed. There may be commercial, technical or ethical constraints that limit what can be successfully tracked.

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