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Measuring Campaign Success in Klear
Measuring Campaign Success in Klear

Access a new tab in Measure with comprehensive metrics and data visualizations to highlight campaign results and trends.

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Measuring the success of an influencer campaign is paramount for marketers aiming to optimize their strategies and demonstrate tangible returns on investment (ROI) to stakeholders. By assessing engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and overall reach, marketers gain valuable insights into the campaign's impact on the target audience. These metrics provide a qualitative understanding of how well the content resonates with the audience, indicating the effectiveness of the influencer collaboration.

The Measure Tab in Klear is your one-stop shop for all things related to campaign analytics! In this article, we’ll cover how to navigate the measure tab and get the insights you need from your campaign.

Learning Objectives:

  • The key components and differences of the Overview and Analyze tabs within the campaign measurement section.

  • How to interpret detailed campaign data such as engagement metrics, conversions, and content specifics.

  • How to customize graphs and charts in the Analyze Tab to display real-time data for your campaign.

This article will cover:


To pull content into the Measure tab you will always need to first set your tracking Keywords, Hashtags, or Brand Handles. These tracked keywords are what allow Klear to display relevant content in your campaign and are necessary to populate content in the Measure tab. For more information about setting up tracking keywords in your campaign visit the Klear Getting Started Guide.

Understanding the Measure Tab

Once you’ve launched your campaign all of the engagement and sales data will be conveniently located in the Measure Tab. Understanding the four sections found within the Measure tab will help you isolate the success metrics you need quickly and efficiently. Each section gives you access to unique data from your campaign and allows different levels of customization and filtering.

The four sections in Measure are

  • Overview

  • Analytics

  • Performance

  • Affiliates

Below is a detailed breakdown of each section and instructions on how to customize graphs & charts, filter success metrics, and view sales data for your campaigns.

Overview Section

The Overview section provides you with a high-level view of your campaign performance broken down by either individual influencers or individual pieces of content.

Viewing Campaign Performance by Influencer

You will quickly be able to access aggregate metrics for each influencer and see things such as

  • Total campaign posts

  • Total engagement across all content in the campaign

  • Total reach for all campaign content

  • Total sales generated from any coupon codes or tracking links generated for this specific campaign.

  • Specific products sold using campaign coupon codes or tracking links

Viewing Campaign Performance Per Post

If you would like to view your campaign performance based on engagement per post you can do this by clicking the photo icon on the right-hand side of the Overview section. This will change the view from performance by influencer and give you a breakdown of engagement data per piece of content.

Analytics Section

The Analytics section features a full page of interactive charts and graphs displaying real-time results for your campaigns. Acting as a hub for your most impactful data, it includes an overview of metrics across time, a breakdown of social networks/content types, sales data, top influencers/content, and audience demographics.

Viewing Campaign Metrics Over Time

The Metrics Over Time graph is interactive and gives you an overview of your posts across time and compares those stats to your Engagement, Reach, EMV, or Sales

How to customize the Metrics Over Time graph:

  1. View all posts combined, or use the social platform buttons to change your view to show results by individual platform

  2. Click on the box for each metric to turn on/off the line bar for that metric and compare it to the posts.

  3. Hover over each bar in the graph to get a color-coded pop-up showing a breakdown of metrics for that period.

Viewing Campaign Metrics by Social Network or Media Type

Under the Breakdown section of the Analytics section, you will be able to dive deeper into your campaign performance metrics broken by social network and media type. This gives you valuable information about what type of content (video, static post, etc.) is performing best and what social networks are driving the most engagement and sales for your brand. Use this information to better inform your strategy for future campaigns.

How to customize the social network and content type view:

  1. Select either Network or Media Type to customize your view

  2. Use the drop-down menu to control which data is displayed

  3. Click on the data you would like to display (posts, engagement, reach, etc.) and the chart will update accordingly

Viewing Campaign Sales Data

Under the Sales section of Analytics, you will have access to all sales and conversion data for your unique links and/or coupon codes with corresponding clicks, conversions, and sales. You will also be able to see a breakdown of your top-selling products by revenue.

Viewing the Top Performing Content & Influencers of the Campaign

The Top Content and Top Influencers section of Analytics gives you an easy-to-read view of what content and influencers have received the most engagement in your campaign. This information can help inform what influencers you invite back for future partnership opportunities and what type of content is performing best with your target audience.

To View Engagement Metrics on a Post by Post Level

  1. Click on an individual piece of content will open a pop-up showing the exact post.

  2. View a detailed breakdown of the engagement data on the right-hand side of the content.

Performance Section

The Performance section of Measure provides you with in-depth performance data and allows you to see your campaign success broken down into traditional marketing metrics such as CPM, CPE, engagement rate, and EMV. Metrics are displayed for both individual influencers and individual pieces of content.

If you are utilizing tracking links or coupon codes for your campaign you will also have access to sales data for your campaign. Conversion metrics include link clicks, CPC, CPA, conversion rate, conversions generated by each influencer, and the total amount in sales for each individual in the campaign.

Affiliates Section

The Affiliates section of Measure provides a comprehensive view of campaign sales data, allowing you to analyze performance based on products sold or influencers. The ability to view details such as the hour/date sold, product price, product name, and a link to the product page gives you a clear understanding of what products are of the most interest to your audience and which influencer has generated the most conversions.

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