The Contact database allows you to attach multiple documents per distribution under the following guidelines:

Documents must be one of the following formats:

'.DOC', '.DOCX', '.PPT', '.PPTX', '.XLS', '.XLSX', 
'.CSV', '.PDF', '.JPG', '.JPEG', '.PNG', '.TIFF', '.GIF'

- Single file size must be less than or equal to 10 MB

- Total file size must be less than or equal to 10 MB

Why do we have these limits?: We've instituted these limits to prevent your emails from hitting spam filters. Attaching files to emails alerts spam filters immediately, and the larger the file the more likely it is to hit a spam filter. Attached files also increase the size of your email, so consequentially, it takes them longer to load.

Simple Workarounds: Sharing a file that exceeds our limits is still super easy. Host your content on your site or through one of several free services. Dropbox, Google Drive, Imgur, or Tinypic will work to host and share images, videos, and all other file types. Copy & paste the link into the body and voila!

Planning to include an inline image with your release? Please review press release templates with HTML via this article here.

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