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Connecting & Learning Through Meltwater Community
Connecting & Learning Through Meltwater Community

Connect, learn and empower other Meltwater users through mCommunity.

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Meltwater has launched an online community platform for Meltwater customers, mCommunity!

mCommunity has been built to enable you to connect, learn and empower each other. We hope it’s a place where you share knowledge, best practices and, most importantly, meet some of the best and the brightest in PR, communications and marketing.

To start taking full advantage of mCommunity follow the steps below:

  1. Login - we like simple things, just use your Meltwater SSO. You'll be asked a few optional questions about yourself to enable richer connections.

  2. Take a Community Tour - learn how to make the most out of the community

  3. Introduce yourself - start building your connections

  4. Give us feedback - tell us what you like and what you missed seeing in the community

By joining mCommunity you will have:

  • Access an amazing hub of 27K+ customers through exclusive network opportunities, industry discussions and company events

  • Learn from the best and get an opportunity to crowdsource ideas and gain access to curated product resources

  • Drive product innovation by submitting ideas and get early-access to upcoming features through beta testing

We look forward to seeing you in mCommunity!

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Need more help? Feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat or check out our Customer Community.

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