Getting to Know Explore Widgets: Weibo Insights

Weibo Insights is an exploratory tool for identifying and analyzing conversation topics exclusively happening on Sina Weibo

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The Weibo Insights Tab provides channel-specific insights into Sina Weibo conversations, including mention volume, post-type, engagement trends, location data, online behavior, and more. You can use the tab to find new conversation topics, deepen audience understanding, identify new segments, and make insight-based decisions on your marketing approach in China.

Only customers on our regular or premium Chinese data add-on packages will receive the tab.

Let's break down each widget below:

Mentions Trend by Post Type

Understand how Sina Weibo conversations evolve over time across all message types, original posts, forwards, and replies. Pinpoint and research peaks and valleys in relevant online conversations.

Engagement Trend by Engagement Type

Understand how engagement evolves over time. Identify the types of engagement that are garnering fan interest across reactions, threads, and shares.

Post Type Breakdown

A bar chart breaking post type down by percentage. Learn how original posts, forwards, or replies are shaping the overall conversation.

Verification Type Breakdown

A donut chart showing the percentage of authors who are blue, gold, or orange (celebrities, organizations, or individuals). Understand who owns the conversation.

Content Type Breakdown

See how the conversation breaks down by post type - links, status, album, photo, or video. Filter and analyze each post type using filtered mentions in Explore. See how conversation themes and fan interest differ by post type.

Distribution Map

Identify the provinces driving the conversation. Find pockets within China where your brand or conversation topics have established audiences.

Gender Breakdown

Donut chart breaking down authors by male and female percentages. Identify your audience by gender breakdown - male and female.

Fan Count Breakdown

Start building an image of your target audience with conversation volume by age brackets.

Top Weibo Online Activity

Learn when your audience is most active. Plan your publishing and community efforts based on when your audience is most likely to engage.

Sentiment and Sentiment Trend

A bar chart percentage breakdown and sentiment trend line chart showing sentiment evolution over time. Grasp the mood of the conversation and assess the positive and negative associations with your brand, market, and interest areas.


Again, only customers on our regular or premium Chinese data add-on packages will receive the tab.

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