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Engage Troubleshooting: Publish Errors

Common error messages in Engage Publish.

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Sometimes, things don't go as planned and you receive an error message in Meltwater Engage.

The most common cause for post fails in Meltwater is a disconnected social channel. Below are the different time frames these accounts may expire:

  • Facebook: Never expires

  • Google Analytics: Never expires

  • Instagram: Expires every 60 days

  • LinkedIn: After one (1) year

  • TikTok: After one (1) year

  • X (formerly Twitter): Never expires

  • YouTube: Never expires

This article will cover:

Post Fails in Publish

Post fails appear as red on the Publish calendar.

  1. Click the post to open the Post Details window. This will include the error message for any failed posts.

  2. Hover over the ( i ) information icon for more details on the error.

  3. From here, you have the option to Retry Posting Now (after making the necessary changes) or to Remove Failed Post.

  4. For additional actions, learn more about Actions to Take below.

Post Fails Email Alerts

In addition to the platform error messages, post-fail emails will automatically be sent for any social post that fails to successfully publish via Meltwater Engage. This includes both Scheduled and Post Now posts.

Post-fail emails utilize the same smart alert technology and templates already available in Meltwater.

  • Sender: Meltwater Alerts <>

  • Subject Line: “The following post failed to publish”

  • The email alert will list the post-fail reason, if available.

  • The alert will include a visual representation of the failed post.

  • The View button will redirect users back to the failed post within Publisher.

    • A direct link to the post is also available to copy/paste.

    • From there a user can correct any outstanding issues and retry.

    • Links expire after 7 days.

  • A post scheduled for multiple channels will receive a single email for every post fail

  • Post fail emails will be sent to the following users:

    • The post creator

    • The post approver

    • The user that last updated the post

Actions To Take


Error Message


Publishing content

Page Connection Issue

This account's connection has an issue or has expired. Please reconnect this account for the ability to post.

Publishing content

Native Channel Issue

The native channel has returned an unknown error. This is usually a temporary issue that self-corrects quickly. Check the native channel and if it is not down, please retry. If the issue persists, a reconnection may be required.

Publishing content

Rejected as Duplicate

The native API has rejected this post as a duplicate. Please review the channel's posting requirements and try again.

Publishing content

Content too Long

The native API has rejected this post for being too long. Adjust the content and/or number of tags then retry the post.

Publishing content

Corrupt User

The user that created this post cannot be found in our system. This could mean that the user has been deleted since this post's creation. Please re-make and re-schedule this post.

Publishing content

Rejected as Harmful

The native API has rejected the link in this post as potentially harmful. Please review the channel's posting requirements and try again.

Publishing content

Rate Limiting

You’ve hit the maximum message polling quota. Please wait and try again.

Publishing content

Unsupported Media

This media was rejected by the native API. Confirm that the media types, aspect ratios, and dimensions are supported, and try again.

Publishing content

Media Upload Issue

This post failed because the media did not finish uploading. Please re-upload the media and try the post again.

Publishing content


The native API has returned a timeout error. This may be due to media size or heavy traffic to the API. Please wait a few minutes and retry or use a different media asset.

Publishing content

Mention Failed

The native API has rejected this post for having the same account @mentioned more than once. Please adjust your content and try again.

Publishing content

Invalid Mention

The native channel API has rejected this post because it contained an invalid mention. Please adjust your mention and try again

Publishing content

Multiple Companies Open

This post failed because there are multiple browser tabs open which are logged into various companies. Please close unneeded tabs and retry the post.

Publishing content

Unknown Error

Oops! Your message failed to send. Please retry.

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