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Conversations: Setting Up Instagram Direct Messages
Conversations: Setting Up Instagram Direct Messages
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This article will cover:

Setting Up Instagram DMs in Conversations

Follow these steps to ensure your Instagram DMs populate both Meltwater Engage and the Engage Mobile App.

  • Ensure you have enabled the appropriate settings in the native app.

  • Re-authenticate both your Facebook pages and Instagram Business Accounts. It is important that you reconnect both. Learn more about Reconnecting Your Facebook and Instagram.

Part 1

  1. Upgrade your Instagram app to the latest version

  2. Navigate to Settings for your Instagram Business Profile

  3. Tap Privacy

  4. Tap Messages

  5. Toggle Allow Access to Messages under Connected Tools to ON


Note: If you use advanced connected tools like the inbox in Creator Studio or Meta Business Suite, you may see a one-time pop-up in your Instagram app (image below).

If you tap Don’t Allow or use advanced connected tools, like the inbox in Creator Studio or Meta Business Suite, then you must update the setting that controls your DM access.


Part 2

You must reconnect both your Facebook and Instagram accounts to obtain the new Direct Message permissions.

  1. Click the Account drop-down in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Click Social Connections

  3. Select the Owned Connections tab at the top of your screen

  4. Click the kebab mene

  5. Select Reconnect for both Facebook pages and Instagram business accounts

Note: Doing this ensures that we get permission added from Facebook for Instagram Direct Messages.

Engaging with Your Instagram DMs

The direct messages feature includes the ability to respond to Direct messages, Story replies, and Story mentions. This release also includes the ability to respond to direct messages for up to 7 days. Previously, the limit was set at 24 hours. The expansion to 7 days includes both Facebook private messages and Instagram direct messages.

Instagram Direct Messages includes the same workflow and filtering options that other message types include.

To access, follow these steps:

  1. Select Type

  2. Navigate to Instagram

  3. Click Direct Messages

Direct messages, story replies, and story mentions will all filter into this category.

You have up to 7 days to respond to direct messages. Once the 7-day period is within hours of elapsing, you will receive a warning.

Once the 7-day period has passed, a banner will appear at the top of the thread.

Attempting to respond will result in pop up message:

Story replies/mentions will include a screenshot of the Story up until it expires (24 hours):

Once that occurs, a message will appear that states, “24-hour time limit passed"


Are primary, general, and message requests included in Conversations?

Yes, primary and general request are included in conversations. Message request cannot be received and will not be included in conversations.

If a Facebook user without an Instagram profile messages my brand via Messenger, will that appear Conversations?

No. Due to an API limitation, this message won’t appear in Conversations

What media assets will I see in Instagram Direct Messages and Story Replies?

You will be able to read text, view emoji reactions, and view images shared through IG DMs and story replies as normal.

Due to Instagram API limitations, gifs, voice recordings, and stickers are not supported. You will see a notification “Unsupported Asset” for these media types in Conversations.

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