How to Assign Users to social profiles

Select which of your Engage users are permitted to publish and view content to each of your social profiles

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Welcome to your go-to guide on assigning social media publishing permissions for your users of Meltwater Engage!

By selecting which of your Engage users are permitted to publish and view content to each of your social profiles you can help segment your profiles based on the roles and responsibilities of your team members.

Users who have been assigned to a social profile will be able to see data for that profile within Conversations, Publish and Social Analytics, while others who haven't been assigned will not. Users will not be assigned to any social profiles and will see no data in Engage until they have been assigned to profiles.

How to assign a user to a social profile

Confirm that you are set up as an Administrator. If you are set up as a Viewer, reach out to an Administrator on your account to update your user role or complete the next steps.

Learn more about adding, removing and updating users settings within this article here.

  • Ensure your user has been added to the platform with Manage Users and has "Admin" access under Engage permissions.

  • Navigate to the Owned Connections page

  • Go to the social profile you would like to assign and click "+" under Assigned Users.

  • OR hover over the social profile you would like to assign and select the three-dot menu. Select Assign Users.

  • Hover over the user(s) who should have access to this social profile, update their permissions for conversations, publish, social analytics, approver and click Assign.

Engage allows you to control users' Engage access and permission level, at the social channel level.

This level of granularity expands on the previous Advanced Permissions feature for all users, by extending permissions even further for Engage. You can set user access levels for Conversations, Publish, and Social Analytics per social connection. Learn more about advanced permission levels here.

Approvals in Publish

When asking for approval on a post in Publish, only users who have permission to access the chosen profiles can be selected as an Approver.

If a post has been scheduled across multiple profiles, users who haven't been assigned to all profiles will not be able to approve the post and will not appear within the approver selection list. Within Content Calendar, users who have been assigned to at least one of the profiles will be able to view the post with read-only access.

Connecting & Re-authenticating Profiles

Only Administrator users can connect new social profiles and assign users to social profiles. If an Administrator has been assigned to only a subset of connected profiles, they will only see those assigned profiles while in Engage but will see all available profiles when on the Social Connections page. Administrator users can access the Owned Connections page and re-authenticate social profiles.

The emails to reconnect a social connection will be sent to all users assigned to a social profile, regardless of their user role, and all Administrator users, even if they are not assigned to that particular social profile.

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