How to Customize Press Release Layouts With HTML

Customize your press release template layouts with HTML

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Enhance your press releases with a touch of customization using basic HTML in Media Relations. Here's a straightforward guide to get you started, even if you're new to HTML.

Decide When to Use HTML

  • Use Basic Features for Simple Emails: If your email is straightforward, like a pitch or a message, stick with the standard email editor features.

  • Use HTML for Template-Based Emails: If you prefer brochure-like emails with a consistent layout, HTML is your go-to option.

Email programs (like Outlook, Gmail, etc.) require very simple HTML. Don't try anything too fancy or you'll put your email at risk for spam filters, display issues, and low open rates.

Keep It Simple and Effective

Whether you're copying/pasting a release from Word or creating your own HTML, use the following guidelines to reduce your risk for display issues:

  • Images in Emails: Images are not displayed until a recipient allows them to load. Make sure all of the important information is in the text, just in case the images don't display.

  • Text to Image Ratio: Keep a maximum of 80% text and 20% images. An email made entirely of images will be blocked by spam filters.

  • CSS Guidelines: Use inline CSS, not external style sheets.

  • When in doubt: If you're unfamiliar with any of the stuff mentioned in the tips above, stick to basic features of the email editor.

Planning to include an attachment with your release? Please review the file types and size requirements via this article here.

Test Your Email Outreach

Email programs can be finicky. It's best to test before you send and to recipients with different email clients if possible.

  • Variety of Email Clients: Email displays can vary. It's a good idea to test your email with different email clients (like Outlook, Gmail) and devices.

  • How to Test: Send test emails to a few different email addresses (friends or colleagues) using various email clients and devices.

Ready to Send

When you've got your email composed and tested, you're ready to pop it into Media Relations.

  • Final Check: Before sending, give your email a last review. Check for any formatting issues or typos.

  • Add Recipients and Subject: Fill in your recipient list and a catchy subject line.

  • Send Your Email: Once everything looks good, go ahead and send your press release!

Need Assistance?

If you need help formatting your release and already have a copy of your design, please share it with our team via Live Chat along with the details of the progress you've made and they will be able to further assist.

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