Welcome to your go-to-guide on the Meltwater Engage. The article below walks you through the process of initially logging into through to posting to your social profiles. Read below to learn more!

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The initial set up of your account is coordinated by your Account Representative who'll request a list of users who'll be managing your social profiles. Once initiated, a new icon for Engage will become visible only for those users.

The users with permission to manage your social profiles can be updated at any time. Please follow these steps to update users permissions:

  1. Go to Account

  2. Select Manage Users

  3. Select an existing user or create a new one to review the “Grant Permission” with a checkbox for Engage

  4. Check the box and you will see the count of seats remaining as you add more users to it.

  5. Now you'll need to assign those users to the social profiles they'll be managing, navigate to the Owned Connections page

  6. Hover over the social profile you would like to assign and select the three-dot menu. Select Assign Users

  7. Select the users who should have access to this social profile and click OK

    • Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each social profile.

Only users who have been assigned to the social profiles have the ability to:

  • be assigned a conversation from that profile to another user

  • approve a post in Publish from that social profile

Users who have not been assigned to a profile will not be presented as a selection option.

Linking your Social Profiles

The Social Profiles you'll be managing with Meltwater Engage can be added under Social Connections within your Settings, these are saved as Owned Connections. Please see the Owned Connections page via this direct link here.

Social profiles which are saved under Owned Connections are profiles your users can publish content to, while those saved under Monitoring Connections will enable social listening with your social media search folder.

You will need to connect your social profiles before you can select tabs within Engage and users must be assigned to your profiles to be able to manage the content.

Please see these further guides to connecting your social profiles and how to assign users.

Protips for connecting your profiles:

- Ensure the user connecting the profiles is an Administrator of the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles being added

- Using an Incognito mode web browser can help to ensure there aren't any other login credentials interfering with the connection process

-If you have multiple Facebook pages to be connected to, please use the Select All option within the pop box, instead of selecting an individual page. This includes Facebook pages which have already been connected.

Overview of Engage's main features

Conversations: Includes the content streams from each of your connected channels. For further details into each option within the Conversations tab, please review this article here.

Publish: Includes creating new posts, scheduling and reviewing the schedule calendar for all the posts created within your Engage platform.

Please note that if you are also publishing on the native platforms, these posts will not appear in your calendar.

Social Analytics: With Analyze, Social Analytics allows you to measure the success of your owned accounts. Drill down to specific social channels, or review a brand summary with a comprehensive group report. You can also export reports to a CSV or PDF document to share with teammates.

For further details in the reporting metrics and the definitions of insights within the following report pages, please review this article here.

Looking for the definition of a feature within your reports? Check out our Learn the Social Analytics definitions article for all definitions and frequency of updates!

Posting to your Social Profiles

Within Engage, all scheduling and posting options are available within the 'Publish' tab.

To create new social posts, please review this 'how-to' article here.

Each social platform also has individual posting requirements, to learn more about your options with each social platform please review this article here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we track our connected accounts Instagram stories?
Yes! For all business connected Instagram accounts from the time of connection forward. Metrics such as Completion Rate, Tap Backs, Tap Forwards and Exits are available in Instagram and Cross Channel reports under Top Performing Stories and Top Performing Posts

Can we access historical / retrospective data from connected social media accounts?
Social Analytics gives you Instagram and Facebook data from January 1, 2019 to present and Twitter data from July 15, 2019 forward. The difference in data for Twitter compared to Instagram and Facebook is due to Twitter’s API polling limitations. We’re working directly with Twitter in hopes to increase historical access to align with other channels back to January 1, 2019.

What is the difference between Impressions and Reach?
Impressions is the number of times a post is viewed. Reach is the number of unique views. E.g. If a post gets 100 views, some of the same people viewed the post twice, it will de-dupe this count. So if 20 people saw a post 5 times the Impressions =100 Reach = 20. For more information see our Social Analytics Metrics guide

Do the Social Analytics metrics include paid and organic results?
Yes - if you want to see the breakdown head to Top Performing Posts (near the bottom of the Social Analytics reports) and click a specific post.

Can we @tag users/pages in Publish?
Yes for Twitter (will pop up), Yes for Instagram (no pop-up, ensure the handle is exactly right), No for Facebook. Linkedin (No, but on the roadmap)

Why do some metrics not include today’s data?

Most metrics will update once every 24 hours. Some metrics, several times during the day based on availability.

After connecting my Social Page to Engage, does Meltwater get access to my Data? Does this connection expire?

Connecting to Facebook or Instagram does not give Meltwater access to post, engage or modify the connected account in any way, it’s read-only access to public data. Connections on this page last for 60 days, at which time they must be reconnected (with the exception of Twitter). Meltwater will send users a reminder when a connection is about to expire. This will not affect your Facebook usage on any other website or your personal use in any way.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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