How to Export Content and Data from Explore & Monitor

Learn how to export content and data from Explore & Monitor.

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Need access to your data outside of the Meltwater platform to create a report? Whether you're using Tableau to mine content for patterns or you're relying on an offline process for building earned media reports, you can export data from Meltwater. Below we'll cover multiple ways to export content-related data:

Check out the simple steps below:

Export from the Content Stream

You are able to export the articles, social posts, and clips directly from your content stream. A content stream can be found within an Explore search or a Monitor stream.

To export this content:

  1. Navigate to a content stream within Explore or Monitor.

  2. Select the results, via the tick box,. If you have used the 'tick all' option and have more than 25 results in your list, please note the alert with a prompt to Select all.

  3. From the toolbar, select the Download options icon

  4. Select CSV Download or PDF Download

  5. A spreadsheet or PDF file will be emailed to the address you use to log in.

  6. Alternatively, when your download is ready you'll receive an alert icon at the top right of your page.

  7. Select Alerts icon and use the download button..

The maximum size results available to export are 20K results at a time to an excel file, and up to 500 results as a PDF. In order to support large-size reports (>10MB) we do not attach the report, but you will be able to download the report from the cloud by clicking the download link in the email, or via alerts.

If your total results exceed 20K, you have two options for exporting. Click the download button, prior to selecting any results via the tick boxes, to display these options.

  • Export the first 20K results

  • Export a randomized sample of 20K results

Export the first 20K Results

This option will download the first 20K results available. Results are ordered based on your sort type and sort order. You can change your sort type and order by clicking the sorted by drop down, and selecting your preferred options.

Export a randomized sample of 20K results

This option will export a randomized 20K sample from your total results. Some things to note about random sampling.

  • How the data is randomized: Each result is randomly assigned a number between 0 and 1. Selection is then based on the percentage of results to include in the export, totaling 20K. For example, for 200K results, each result randomly assigned a number between 0 and 0.1 will be included, so that 20K results are returned.

  • There are no special considerations used when randomly selecting results. All results are weighted equally.

  • Sampling will be evenly distributed across the selected time range. For example, if your results total is 200K for a 10 day period, your export would include 2K results per day.

  • Each random sample export will return different results than the last. For example, if you export a random sample 3 times, you would have 3 different data sets.

Export from the Meltwater API

If you would like to automate your exports, or export larger volumes of data, you can do both via the Meltwater API. For more information on how to access and use the Meltwater API, please review this article.

Exporting on a MAC without Excel troubleshooting

When exporting data, after a few minutes you will receive an email with a link provided to download its content. If your Safari browser is trying to open the file within the browser rather than downloading the file, please follow the below steps:

  1. Right-click (or control-click) the 'Download Report' link in the email and go to 'Save Link As...' and save the file to a location convenient for quick and easy access (Downloads folder or Desktop folder, for example).

  2. Copy the link in the email that is posted under the text "You can also copy and paste the following URL into your browser:" and paste the link into another browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, which will then download the file automatically to their computer.

  3. Copy the contents that are displayed on the page and paste it into Excel manually.

Details included in your exports

CSV exports include the following fields for each item of news or social content:

  • Date

  • Headline

  • URL

  • Opening Text

  • Hit Sentence

  • Source

  • Influencer

  • Country

  • Subregion

  • Language

  • Reach

  • Desktop Reach

  • Mobile Reach

  • Twitter Social Echo

  • Facebook Social Echo

  • Reddit Social Echo

  • National Viewership

  • Engagement

  • AVE

  • Sentiment

  • Key Phrases

  • Input Name

  • Keywords

  • Twitter Authority

  • Tweet Id

  • Twitter Client

  • Twitter Screen Name

  • User Profile Url

  • Twitter Bio

  • Twitter Followers

  • Twitter Following

  • Alternate Date Format

  • Time

  • State

  • City

  • Social Echo Total - helps you understand the real-time number of social shares for any editorial document. This tool will provide you with a volume of social media interactions (such as posts, shares, retweets, etc) with a specific online news article. Learn more about Social Echo.

  • Editorial Echo - indicates how many times the article is referenced with a hyperlink in the body of a different article.

  • Views

  • Likes

  • Replies

  • Comments

  • Shares

  • Reactions

  • Threads

  • Is Verified

  • Parent URL

  • Document Tags

Additional information about expanded engagement data by source:

  • News - Social Echo Total, Editorial Echo

  • Twitter - Is Verified, Replies, retweets, likes

  • Reddit - Threads, reactions

  • TikTok - Shares, threads, reactions

  • YouTube - No engagement data, due to terms of service restrictions

  • Facebook - Comments, shares, reactions

  • Instagram - Threads, reactions

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