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If you have not done so already, download the Meltwater Mobile app found in the App store.

The article below will cover:

What's New

The Mobile iPhone App's feature, What's New, highlights all the relevant new stories since the last time you checked the app. This is the equivalent of a real-time interactive news digest.

Via the Start Up, following the prompts allows you to refine the notifications you receive and allow push notifications to stay up to date with your latest news.

Explore (Ad Hoc Searching)

You can run ad hoc searches and quick analytics into your search topic's volume of coverage, top sources, trending themes, and sentiment.

Once you've created a new search, alerts can be created to keep you up to date with the latest news via push notifications.

Make sure you've downloaded the latest version of the app to view the newly released Explore option.


*Pro Tip: You can filter the content you are searching for by tapping on the Filter icon in the top right of the search bar.

In-App Article View (Webview)

To read the full article click on a card and the article will load in the app. You may share and tag the article from the webview.



You can engage with your existing Classic Dashboards within the app, including previously created Shareable Dashboards.

Each interactive graph includes filter options to click into further details below the image, such as reading the articles with negative sentiment from the sentiment insight.



Graphs convey the given trend over a one-week period and allow you to see when specific changes occurred. You can then see the articles powering a given trend by clicking on the list of options under the graph.

Clicking on the graph will reveal the number behind the data. In the case of the Media Exposure and Sentiment Score graph, click on the vertical space above a date to get the number for that date. In the case of Trending Themes, click on the row of the top trending keyword you’re interested in to reveal the number of articles that keyword appeared in for each day that week.


The inbox list displays all News/Social Searches, RSS feeds, and Tags for your account. You can type to filter and easily find a specific content stream you are looking for.

Tag and Share Articles

You have the ability to easily tag an article from each card. You can search for an existing tag or create a new one. Sharing options include email, text, and all networks or apps installed on your phone.

Similar Articles (Duplicates)

Similar Articles brings up an overlay with all of the similar articles listed by publication. You may tag or share similar articles by selecting to 'show x similar articles by other sources'.

*Pro Tip: If you are using push notifications and would like to stop receiving duplicate notifications of articles, you may turn those off. Just make sure you have the latest version of the mobile app downloaded and follow the directions to do so in this article.

Article Sorting (Graph Drill Down)

By clicking the filters under each graph, you can see the articles powering a specific trend, sentiment, or date. This allows you to understand exactly what is going on behind specific trends and easily find, tag, and share the articles that matter most.


Turn notifications on and off for What's New Summaries, Inbox Searches, and Events. You can also access the Live Chat or Log Out in Settings.

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