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Removing Owned Social Accounts
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There are many reasons why you may need to remove an account from being connected to Meltwater. If it was initially connected by a colleague who is no longer an administrator of your social media accounts or if you simply don't need to manage that account anymore, it may be time to remove the connection.

This article will cover:

When an Account is Removed

The removal of social profiles means all profile records will no longer be found within the system. This includes all reporting, previous post records, and the ability to publish new content for that profile. These details have also been deleted from the database.

If you may want to connect the same account again in the future, we recommend reconsidering the removal of the profile, as all previous Engage records will not become visible again.

Removing an Owned Social Account

To remove a connected owned account, ensure you have Admin access to Engage found in the Manage Users account settings. Follow the below steps in granting admin access:

  1. Select Account in the left-hand side navigation bar

  2. Select Manage users

  3. Select the user you are granting access to

  4. Select the arrow in the Account section

  5. Select Admin

  6. Select Save user

To remove a connected account, follow these steps:

  1. Select Account in the left-hand side navigation bar

  2. Select Social Connections

  3. Select the Owned Connections tab at the top of the page

  4. Navigate to the profile you would like to remove

  5. Select the kebab menu on the far right-hand side

  6. Select Remove

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