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Connect your Microsoft Teams to the app
Connect your Microsoft Teams to the app
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It is possible to authenticate's access to your organization's Microsoft Teams channels in a few steps. Be sure to follow all the steps to ensure a good connection on all the desired channels.

  1. Access the Sharing Options in your profile settings

  2. Click the Microsoft Teams icon

  3. Webhook URL

    33.1 From Microsoft Teams, click on “” to the right of your channel in which you want to publish your scoops, then Connectors:

    3.2 Click Configure for Incoming Webhook:

    3.3 Choose a name for your Webhook and add an image if necessary and click Create

    3.4 Copy the generated URL

  4. Come back to

  5. Paste the webhook URL and choose the connection name

The choice of the connection name has no technical impact.

This is simply the name that will allow you to find the channel on which you want to share the content if you have several Teams channels connected to

How to publish an article from to Microsoft Teams?

From the publishing window, select the Microsoft Teams icon and click Publish.

The article will be published simultaneously on the selected topic as well as on the Teams channel.

Posting to multiple Teams channels and multiple topics is also possible.

You can add a different insight to your Teams channels than the insight on

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