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Creating and Sharing Campaign Reports with Stakeholders
Creating and Sharing Campaign Reports with Stakeholders
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Klear offers a variety of reporting options, each catering to specific analytics and metrics. Understanding the nuances between these reports is essential for users to extract meaningful data and make informed decisions. Whether it's evaluating engagement rates, audience demographics, or overall campaign reach, Klear's diverse reporting features empower users to delve deep into the effectiveness of their influencer collaborations

Learning Objectives:

  • The type of reports offered in Klear and what information each report provides

  • Where to find the reporting options in Klear

  • How to share reports with relevant stakeholders and team member

This article will cover:

Understanding the Reporting Options in Klear

Klear offers you various reporting options ranging from ready-to-present campaign reports to CSV reports that allow you to dial in on the numbers behind your campaign easily. Below you’ll find additional details about each report to help you understand which is the best option for you.

Full Campaign Report

Full Campaign Reports allow you to understand the true impact of your campaign. Analyze important metrics including KPIs, top content, and ROI. A full campaign report includes a sample of top campaign posts, campaign demographic data, an overview of all influencers included in the campaign, and relevant engagement metrics.

The full campaign also includes your brand logo and aesthetic elements that add to the overall appeal. Klear allows you to edit the report to include any relevant information and set custom filters when exporting the report to ensure that you’re only reporting on the information that matters most.

How to generate a full campaign report

  1. Select the campaign for which you would like to generate a report in the Campaigns tab

  2. Click the PDF icon on the top right corner of the screen

  3. To customize the campaign report filters click Edit and select any relevant filters.

  4. Click Create Report to generate

    1. Note: The full campaign report will be sent via email within 5-10 minutes

CSV Reporting Options

Klear offers three reports in CSV format to allow you to share campaign metrics with stakeholders and teammates in a convenient, straightforward format. Find out the difference between these reports and how to export them below.

Campaign Members Report

A campaign member report allows you to export key metrics about specific influencers that are a part of your campaign. Easily compile metrics like total number of followers, engagement rate, reach, and average engagement per post in place. You can also include personal contact information such as email, shipping address, and any notes you’ve entered about influencers in this report.

Campaign Content Report

A campaign content report allows you to generate a report containing the metrics associated with each post in your campaign. It is a straightforward way to see how each post performed and dial into more traditional marketing metrics such as reach, engagement rate, EMV, CPE, etc. The report will also highlight which influencer posted the content, the date it went live, and on which social media network it was posted. Once the report is generated you can edit it down to only show certain social networks, content types, or specific creators.

Predictive Analytics Report

A predictive analytics report allows you to export all of the data that is generated when filling out the predictive portal in Klear. This report is of value if you would like to show stakeholders or clients the potential outcome of a planned campaign. The report includes metrics such as predicted reach, engagement rate, EMV, CPM, and CPE.

How to Generate a CSV Report

  1. Select the campaign for which you would like to generate a report in the Campaigns tab

  2. Click the share button on the top right corner of the screen

  3. Select the report you would like to generate

    1. CSV Report options are: Campaign Members, Campaign Content, and Predictive Analytics

  4. Click Export and the report will generate and be sent to your inbox within 5-10 minutes.

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