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Collecting and Managing Influencer Information
Collecting and Managing Influencer Information
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Whether for contracting or sending an influencer payment or sample products, you will need to collect additional information from your influencers.

Klear enables you to easily store and manage your influencer’s data so that you can manage your trusted content collaborators with ease.

This article will cover:


Before you move forward, make sure you have done at least one of the following:

  • Added the influencers to a campaign

  • Tagged the influencers

Editing Influencer Information in a Profile

To edit influencer info directly in a profile, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the influencer’s Profile that you wish to edit

  2. Navigate to the Manage tab within their profile

  3. From this screen you can edit the following:

    1. On the left, you can edit their basic information including their name, email, phone, address, and add additional fields through Custom Variables.

    2. On the right, you can make general notes about this profile that are only visible to your company’s Klear accounts.

    3. Below that, you can see the influencer’s campaign performance, all messaging between you and the influencer, and any additional assets including agreements, tracking links, coupon codes, or product gifting interactions you’ve had with the influencer.

Editing Influencer Information in a Campaign

The easiest way to edit influencer information in bulk is to do so within a campaign. Follow these steps:

  1. From your Campaign in Klear, navigate to the Manage tab

  2. While you are able to customize the columns visible on this page, the default view is set up for you to easily edit key influencer information including:

    1. Campaign Deliverables

    2. Contact info (Name, Phone, Address, Additional Details you wish to add)

    3. Custom Variables

    4. Campaign Budget for that specific influencer

    5. Tags

    6. Stage within that campaign

    7. Notes visible only to your company’s Klear account

  3. For each of these columns, simply hover over the section you wish to edit for a specific influencer and then click into it where you will be able to add or edit info accordingly.

Collecting Influencer Information in a Campaign

One of the easiest ways to collect new influencer information is during the onboarding process for your campaign, within the campaign brief requirements. This helps to eliminate back and forth with the influencer and instead you can assign all your required questions up front. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. From your Campaign in Klear, navigate to the Connect tab

  2. Create your campaign brief and on the right, enable Add Request Info

  3. From here, you can select which question you want to ask in several sections:

    1. Basic info: Select each icon for Full Name, Address, Phone, and Email if you wish to include those questions

    2. On the bottom, you can type out the questions you wish to ask and specify the type of response from the following:

      1. Short Answer

      2. Long Answer

      3. Multiple Choice

      4. Checkboxes

    3. For these questions, you can assign the response as a Custom Variable that will save automatically as the influencer fills them out

  4. Add additional questions by clicking + Add Question at the bottom of the window

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