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Creating and Inviting Influencers Using Klear’s Campaign Brief
Creating and Inviting Influencers Using Klear’s Campaign Brief
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Planning a successful influencer collaboration begins with clear communication. Once you've identified potential influencers, it's essential to provide a comprehensive overview of your project. This overview should align with their interests and audience and provide an easy path for them to join your campaign. Effective and straightforward communication is key to eliciting a positive response and ensuring smooth collaboration.

Klear's campaign brief template streamlines the process of detailing your influencer collaboration project. It not only allows you to outline the scope of work but also facilitates the onboarding of influencers. This includes account connections, information collection, and, if applicable, payment setup through Klear Pay. By minimizing initial back-and-forth communication, this process enables a quick and efficient campaign launch.

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Before proceeding, ensure that the influencers you intend to contact have been added to your campaign. Ideally, initial outreach should occur before sending the campaign brief to prepare them for its receipt.

Creating a Campaign Brief

  1. From your Campaign in Klear, navigate to the Connect tab

  2. Select Create Brief to Begin button

  3. The campaign brief template will populate.

  4. The brief contains 12 sections that you can customize according to your campaign specifics. We’ve provided examples but you will need to ensure it conveys your objectives and expectations.

  5. On the right side of the page, under Set Campaign Requirements, select the campaign requirements, such as:

    1. Connect Instagram Creator: Request the influencer to authenticate their account so you can tracked correctly tagged Instagram Stories

    2. Connect YouTube Channel: Enables the collection of YouTube demographics

    3. Deliverables: If you have filled out Deliverables within the campaign, it will be shared with each influencer.

    4. Add Requested Info: Collect influencer contact details and ask additional questions to reduce back and forth at the start of the campaign.

    5. Send Content for Approval: Enable Content Approval

    6. Tracking Link: Create a unique Bitly for each influencer

    7. Product Gifting: Create a Product Catalog

  6. Select Save Brief

Sending a Campaign Brief

It’s now time to send your brief to the influencers you’ve added to the campaign. Once you click Save in the above step, a new page will open, this is where you will select the influencers.

  1. The Influencers you’ve added to the campaign will appear on the left-hand column.

  2. You can select ALL influencers by checking the box or you may select individual influencers by clicking on the influencers to send the brief. You can do this by selecting the check box next to all or clicking on the checkbox next to their name (this will appear once you hover over their name).

  3. If any Influencers show ADD EMAIL follow these steps.

  4. Once influencers are selected, click the Blue Invite button.

  5. The email will open and you will be able to edit the body of the message.

    1. From: If you have integrated your email with Klear, it will come from this email otherwise it will come from a Klear email address

    2. Reply To: This will be by default, the account seat you have logged into Klear with.

    3. Subject: This is editable

    4. Email body: This is editable, A link to the campaign brief will be included at the bottom where your influencers will be able to view the brief, join the campaign, and complete the campaign requirements.

    5. If sending the email to multiple influencers, you will see an icon for variables, you are able to click on this icon and utilize the variables (i.e. person's first name or full name in the greeting)

    6. Attachments: Include any relevant attachments with your campaign invite. Note: You can add multiple attachments to your email, with a limit of 20 MB per file.

  6. You can also Save the message as a template for future use by clicking on the Template Icon and select Manage Templates> + Add Template.

  7. Once the email is ready to send, select Send Invite

  8. The email message will now appear in your Sent Messages folder in your email inbox if you’ve integrated your email folder. Within the Connect portal you will be able to see that the invite has been sent.


Do you have to use the Klear Campaign Brief Template?

No, using Klear's campaign template isn't mandatory, but it's designed to assist you in incorporating essential elements into your campaign brief. If you already have well-crafted internal campaign templates, you're welcome to use them. In this case, you can link to your own briefs while still leveraging Klear's streamlined process. This approach ensures efficient onboarding of your influencers, covering all necessary campaign requirements.

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