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Creating a Campaign in Klear
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As soon as you start planning a new influencer project, you’ll need a place to organize and track everything. This will be done by creating unique campaigns in Klear. You’ll use each campaign to invite influencers to join, communicate with your influencers on deliverables, approve content, process payments, and measure the impact of your campaign.

Campaign management is an ongoing process, so once you have the foundation of your campaign set up, you’ll revisit your campaign often.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create a campaign

  • Set up tracked keywords and campaign notification

  • Set up default campaign tracking keywords

This article will cover:


In order to execute an influencer campaign, you’ll need to find and recruit influencers to take part in your campaign. You can use a combination of Klear’s Discovery search engine and Klear’s Recruit pages to find and vet new influencers you’d like to invite to a new campaign.

If you’d like to confirm interest with influencers before adding them directly to a campaign, you can use Klear’s Individual and Mass Email capabilities to send outreach emails.

Creating a Campaign

  1. Click on the Campaigns tab and select the +New Campaign button

  2. Fill in a campaign name in the box provided and hit enter. Now the foundation of your campaign is set up!

Setting Up Campaign Tracking & Notifications Per Campaign

  1. Click the Finish Setup button to set your tracking keywords, configure your notifications setting and create your brief.

  2. In the #Tracked Keywords section, enter the @handles, #hashtags, or keywords and hit enter. You can add/remove tracked keywords at any time. This will ensure you can track the influencer posts for your campaign.

  3. Click the bell icon to turn on/off email notifications on important events throughout the campaign.

  4. In the Campaign Portal section, click Create Brief. If you aren’t ready to complete your brief yet, it is not a requirement at this stage. Visit here to learn more about creating your brief and inviting influencers to your campaign.

    After your campaign is created, you’ll see it located on your list active projects in your Campaigns tab.

  5. Use the kebab icon on the bottom right of your campaign card to revisit your settings, add to favorites, add a label, turn notification off, or archive your campaign.

    Note: archiving a campaign will remove it from being accessible within your account anymore.

Setting Up Default Campaign Tracking

Alternatively, you can set up default tracking keywords in your Account Settings if you will be using the same tracking keywords across campaigns. Default keywords will be applied to ALL campaigns in each workspace, these are not on a per-user basis. To set your default keywords:

  1. Head to your Account Settings, click into the Reporting tab and scroll to the Campaign Tracking Keywords section

  2. Type your desired keyword(s) in the provided box and hit Enter each time.

  3. Once applied, your default keywords will automatically be set for each new campaign. Note: current campaigns will not be affected or updated

  4. For any new campaigns, your default keywords will automatically appear in your tracked keywords. You can adjust the keywords by removing your default keywords or adding new ones within the campaign settings.

  5. You can revisit your Account Settings at any time to update your default keywords.

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