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Uploading Influencer Profiles Into Klear
Uploading Influencer Profiles Into Klear
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Whether you are new to Klear or already have campaigns up and running, sometimes you may have an external list of influencers you want to import into your Klear influencer database. Your list could include influencers you’ve met in person at an event, or DM’d through your brand’s social accounts. In Klear, you can import these influencers into your database either manually, or in bulk.

Learning Objectives:

  • Prepare your external influencer list

  • Upload influencer profiles and other data points into your Klear database

  • Add imported influencers to your influencer database

Table of Contents:


Within Klear, My Influencers serves as your personal influencer database. All influencers you’ve worked with, tagged, added custom variables to, or recently viewed will be accessible here for you to manage. When you upload profiles into Klear, you can import them directly to a campaign or your My Influencers database.

When uploading influencer profiles in Klear, you can either upload manually or in bulk, and both will be in a CSV format. For bulk imports, you’ll have the opportunity to also include any custom information you’ve gathered (like product preferences, birthdays, and more) to include in their profile page. So make sure you compile any additional information you’d like to include beforehand.

Preparing Your External List

Gather your external influencers lists to prepare for your upload process.

For Manual Profile Uploads:

  1. Compile the usernames for each influencer across each network to have at the ready.

For Bulk Profile Uploads:

  1. Download the provided CSV Influencer List Template, filling in all desired information.

  2. For a successful CSV upload, you MUST include “Network” and “Username” for each influencer on the list, and these should be the first columns in the template.

  3. Update your file with any desired additional information, including Full name, Email address, Phone number, Home address, Note, Custom Variables, and Tags.

  4. Use the Custom column to capture details such as birthdays, hobbies, or shirt sizes. You can customize your template and add as many Custom fields as you’d like. (For example, “custom: birthday”, “custom: hobby”, and “custom: shirt size”).

  5. Use the Tag column to apply tags to each influencer. For example, “tag: photographer”, “tag: high engagement”. Include an “x” next to each influencer you’d like assigned with this tag.

Selecting Influencer Profiles to Upload

With your information all compiled, you are ready to upload your influencer profiles.

  1. In the Campaigns tab, select the Import Influencers Button

  2. From the pop-up, choose to either upload through a Manual process or a File upload.

For the manual option:

  1. Select the social icon for the corresponding username

  2. Use the provided box to enter each username in CSV format (separated by commas)

For the Bulk File option:

  1. Select the Upload File button and locate your prepared influencer list

  2. After uploading, a message will pop up confirming the number of influencers on your list or if any issues were detected with your upload.

Importing Influencer Profiles into Klear

With your information all compiled from either your Manual or File upload, you are ready to import into Klear.

  1. In the Import into section, select if you’d like to upload your list to an existing or new campaign

  2. For Existing Campaign, use the Select Campaign drop-down to choose from your list of campaigns OR select the All My Influencers option at the top to add instead add these to your My Influencers database.

  3. For New Campaign, enter the new campaign name in the provided field.

  4. Hit the Import button to complete the process.

  5. Once complete, you’ll see your uploaded influencers' data in your campaign/database and on influencers’ profiles.

FAQ/ Troubleshooting

What format should my lists be in to upload?

CSV file format

How many influencers can I upload at a time?

500 Influencers at a time

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