Understanding the Differences Between Newswires and Pitching to Journalists
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When planning to broadcast news about your brand, campaign, or latest development, you have two effective strategies at your disposal: distributing a press release via newswire or reaching out personally to journalists. Here's how to navigate each option to ensure your news makes the impact you're aiming for.

Newswire Integration

Pitching to Journalists

What are they?

Think of newswire as your megaphone. You pay to have your press release sent out far and wide, ensuring it gets in front of a bunch of eyes. It's pretty much like buying an ad spot for your news.

Here, you're crafting personalized emails to journalists who are likely interested in your story. It's about earning their attention and getting them to cover your news because it's genuinely interesting, not because you paid for it.

When to use them

When your news is big and broad – think major company announcements or financial updates – and you want it everywhere

When your story is specific and you know a journalist who's into exactly what you're talking about. For example, pitching your tech company's female CEO story to a journalist known for profiling women in tech.

How does a journalist interact with them?

News Hunting: Many journalists keep an eye on newswires for story ideas or fact-checking.

Automatic Pickup: Sometimes, your press release might get published exactly as you wrote it in newspapers and online, giving you direct control over your message.

Editor's Choice: Assignment editors might pass your news to journalists who cover your specific beat, getting your story to the right people.

The Personal Touch: A well-researched, personalized email can make all the difference. Journalists get tons of pitches – make yours stand out by showing you know their work and how your story fits in.

No Spam, Please: Flooding journalists with irrelevant pitches will get you nowhere. Respect their time and focus on building a relationship.

When all is said and done, deciding whether to use a newswire or directly pitch to journalists depends on the nature of your news and the kind of attention you're seeking. Newswire is your go-to for widespread dissemination, while direct pitches are best for stories that benefit from a personal touch. Whichever route you choose, make sure your approach is thoughtful and tailored to your audience – whether that's a wide network of news outlets or a single journalist with a beat that matches your story.

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