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Step by step guide on archiving your broadcast clips.

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If you are a global broadcast customer, you have the ability to edit and save clips that will be accessible on the Meltwater platform indefinitely.

Archived clips will be accessible under Tags. You can archive any clip that has been picked up over the last 30 days into the archive folder. An UNLIMITED amount of clips can be archived!

Note: The Broadcast Archive option is only available for customers with the broadcast archive feature. Please reach out to your accounts team if you have questions about feature access.

This article will cover:

Broadcast Archive vs. TVEyes Downloads

Broadcast Archive - permanent video and audio link stored in the cloud with a max duration of 10 minutes, meaning the archived clips can only be 10 min long. This can be emailed internally.

TVEyes Direct Download - mp4 video and audio files delivered and stored on the end user's desktop.

Archiving a Broadcast Clip

To archive a broadcast clip, follow these steps:

  1. Click Explore in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Open an existing search that includes the Broadcast Source Type or create a new one

  3. Select a broadcast clip you want to archive

  4. A new window will open, click the Editor tab

  5. You can select a custom section of the clip or archive the entire thing within the 10-minute limit

  6. Select Archive

  7. The archived clip is automatically added to your account as added content and tagged to a folder titled Broadcast Archive. This process can take between a few minutes to an hour.

  8. To view all archived clips, navigate to Content

  9. Select Tags and select the tag folder titled Broadcast Archive. You can add custom tags to archived clips (and remove the default tag).

  10. Archived clips are stored with the metadata that matches the selection of the clip (e.g. STT of selection) and categorized as Broadcast content. This way, you can also find it again in your Explore/broadcast searches.

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