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Discover Integrations including: Widget, Embedded windows, Customization, WordPress Integration, Domain hosting, & API

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The widget embed code displays a dynamic carrousel of your topic's publications that can be included in any webpage of your website.

Click on "Finish & Grab the Code" to generate the code that you can copy and paste into any webpage of your site.

Embedded windows


Responsive grid

Minimalist grid



Styling -

Block background color:

Curator insight background color:

Links color:


Display shadows:


Maximum number of posts (per page):


Select the language for the post date, “curated by” and “powered by”

Display header:

Display tag cloud:

Tag cloud title:

Maximum number of tags:

Filter by tag:

Select a specific tag that will filter the content displayed in the embed on your website. This filter will be included in the code.

Display pagination:

Display or not pagination for the embed.

Display “Powered by”:

Choose to remove or not the logo and “Powered by”

Responsive configuration

Minimum & maximum number of columns:

Choose the minimum and maximum number of columns for your display. The number will adapt depending on the screen size.

Responsive split width:

Increase the width for larger columns, reduce the width for smaller columns.

For example, a small width:


Choose the order, or remove elements from the post display.

Display image instead of media (video, embed):

WordPress Integration

You can connect your WordPress account to integrate your topic page directly. All the posts added to your topic page will be pushed to your WordPress, saving you precious time. Curated content published in your WordPress site will be using your WordPress template for layout, and will be listed in your WordPress backend among other posts.

WordPress advanced curation window

Once your WordPress is connected to your topic page, you will have a different publication window to give you more parameters for WordPress:

You will be able to edit the title and description of the post, which category it is pushed to, and whether or not you want to use an excerpt on WordPress.

Publishing options

You can decide how you want the content to be published to your WordPress. It can be automatically published, in that case no extra action is required by you. Or you can choose for the content to be set as a draft in WordPress, in that case you will need to manually publish the content on WordPress.

WordPress categories

With Plus, a new “” category will be created. With our Enterprise license it is possible to create personalized categories for your content to be pushed to in WordPress.

Domain hosting

Domain hosting allows you to customize the domain name of your curated content on the platform. Instead of using the default domain (e.g.,, domain hosting allows you to use your own custom domain (e.g., to host your curated content.

This feature can give your curated content a more professional and branded appearance, making it seem like the content is hosted on your own website rather than a third-party platform. It's often used by businesses and organizations to maintain a consistent brand image and seamlessly integrate their curated content with their main website. API's API is the most powerful way to integrate curated content into any website. The API lets you access your curated content stream in raw format so that you can display your scoops exactly the way you want and where you want on your website.


You can access the API documentation here:


The Team can provide you with the best practices, the possibilities and limitations of the API for your specific use case.

Token request

To request an API key, please reach out to your Account Manager. Our API is only available with our Enterprise license.

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