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Organize content through tag management and multi-topic publication.

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Tag management

To access the tag management for your topic, go to Topic Settings, then to the Tags tab:

Tag cloud widget

Choose if you want to display a tag cloud on your topic page. This can help readers to navigate through the content.

If you choose to display it, you can then configure the widget.

Either the most popular tags:

Or select which tags you want to display:

Tags creation workflow

Decide how you want tags to be created on the topic page.

They can either be created freely by curators:

Or curators can choose from a predefined list:

Tags in use in this topic

Here you can view all tags created in the topic. You can edit and delete a tag from this list, or add a new one if you’ve chosen to use a predefined tag list.

Topic view of the tags

The tags can also be viewed by clicking on the tag icon on the topic page:

How to add a tag to a post?

Before publication

Tags can be added to the post by selecting an existing tag from the list, or by typing a new one if the option to create tags freely is activated.

After publication:

If you want to add a tag after the post has been published, you can do that by clicking the tag icon under the post and then selecting or creating a tag.

Multi-topic publication

With our Enterprise license, you can choose to publish your post in several topics at the same time. This will save you time if you have a post that is relevant for several of your topic pages.

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