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Learn how to edit your profile, view your current plan, see sharing options, update email notifications and discover apps and integrations.

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Your user settings will help you define your profile. This is what will be visible by other users when you publish content, interact with their content or if they simply look at your profile.

Access your user settings by clicking on your name in the top right corner:

Edit Profile

  1. Username: Choose the name displayed on your profile

  2. Email: Edit the email address associated with your account

  3. Company: Add a company name to your account

  4. Interface Language: Select an English or French interface language

  5. Time Zone: Select the correct time zone

  6. Date Format: Select the date format

  7. Avatar: Upload or edit the avatar for your account

  8. Bio: Enter the bio that will be displayed on your profile

  9. Change Password: Change the password associated with your account

  10. Delete Account: Delete your account. Deletion can not be reversed.


If you are on a free account, you can upgrade to a premium plan or confirm your account. Account confirmation must be done every 30 days.

If you are on a premium plan:

  1. Change billing period: Switch to a different billing period (monthly or annual)

  2. Change plan: Switch to a different plan (Pro or Plus)

  3. Edit Billing Information: Update your billing and card information

  4. A recap of the features lost if you cancel your plan

  5. Cancel Plan: Click on Cancel Plan to cancel your premium plan

  6. Billing Statement: All previous invoices

Sharing Options

With you can seamlessly share your posts to your social media. This will help you engage with your audience and potentially reach more people.

You can connect several social media accounts depending on your plan. You can connect 5 social networks with Pro and 10 with Plus.

The sharing settings enable you to decide if you want the previous sharing options to be used for your new post.

Email notifications

Newsletter and tips: Decide if you want to receive email with personalized tips to help you use and emails about new features, updates etc.

Notifications from topics you curate: Select which notifications you want to receive about the topics you curate

Notifications from topics you follow: Select which notifications you want to receive about the topics you follow

Notifications on your community activity: Select which notifications you want to receive from your community

Your Summary: Select the frequency for your Summary. The Summary is a recap of scoops from the topics you follow.


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