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A "scoop" on refers to the act of discovering, selecting, and curating a piece of online content, such as an article, video, image, or other media, and adding it to a user's topic page for others to see. Curators "scoop" content to build their curated collections and provide insights to their audience.

Topic page:

A topic page on is a dedicated web page created by a user to showcase a curated collection of online content centered around a specific theme, subject, or topic of interest. This allows curators to share valuable insights and information with their audience while establishing themselves as knowledgeable authorities on the chosen topic.

Source monitoring:

Keep track of specific websites, blogs, or sources that consistently produce high-quality and relevant content related to your curated topic. It's a way to ensure that you are consistently finding fresh and valuable content to share on your topic page. By monitoring sources, you can stay up-to-date with the latest information, trends, and insights within your chosen subject area, making your content curation more effective and valuable to your audience.

Research content:

Discover relevant content based on your keywords within the index. By using the Research Content feature you will be able to discover new content and sources to share on your topic page.


A query is a search term or a set of keywords that a user enters in the Research Content feature to find specific content on the platform. Users might use queries to search for relevant articles, videos, images, and other content related to their curated topics.

Scoop without link:

A Scoop created by you with no URL to an external site. This can be used if you wish to write about a topic but don’t have an existing post to reference.


A keyword is a specific term or phrase that you use to search for relevant content related to a particular topic. Keywords also play a role in helping your curated content surface in searches conducted by other users on the platform.


A source refers to a website, blog, or online publication that provides content related to a specific topic. When you curate content on, you can add sources to your curated topics. The platform then uses these sources to pull in relevant articles, blog posts, and other content for you to review and potentially share with your audience. Adding sources helps you consistently find and share up-to-date content on the topics you're curating.


A user refers to an individual who has registered and created an account on the platform. Users can curate and share content related to specific topics of interest. They can follow other users, engage with curated content by liking and sharing it, and create their own curated collections. Users' interactions and contributions shape the content discovery and sharing ecosystem within the community.

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