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Keep track of all influencer dates and deliverables through a new planning view.

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With so many moving pieces in influencer campaigns, it's easy for details to get lost in the shuffle. Even with a small group of influencers, teams need a system to plan and track deliverables. So as you scale, coordinating even more dates can get tricky. Across Klear, users create more deliverables every day, averaging about 3K each month. Leverage our new Campaign Planning tab to help teams stay focused and on track.

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What is it?

The new Campaign Planning now includes three modes:

  • Deliverables: Add, manage, and track influencer deliverables through a visual monthly campaign calendar.

  • Predictive: Predict campaign success and see expected results based on assigned deliverables. Set realistic goals with stakeholders before your campaign goes live using predictive data.

  • Demographics: Ensure your content is set to reach your intended audience with a view into aggregated audience demographics from the influencers in your campaign.

What's the value?

Influencer campaigns thrive with detailed planning, ensuring every aspect aligns with your goals. This includes mapping out posts on the right social channels to reach the right audience. Last summer, we introduced Deliverables in Campaigns to assign, track, and predict content results in one space. Since then, we’ve continued to evolve this space to assist with all aspects of campaign planning. When combined, the three modes in Planning now assist in campaign decision-making, development, and goal-setting in one space.

How does it work?

Head to the Manage tab of your campaign, and you’ll now see a new Planning mode (formerly Deliverables) with three tabs: Deliverables, Predictive, and Demographics.

The Deliverables tab populates a monthly calendar view highlighting all the expected deliverables.

  • To see more details on the deliverables scheduled for each day, hover over the deliverable or hit the expand button.

  • Deliverables highlighted in red indicate a past-due date.

  • To add a deliverable directly to a date, hover over the date and click Add Deliverable from the bottom of the box

  • To see and organize all deliverables in a list view, hit the View All Deliverables button

The Predictive tab populates the campaign KPIs you will achieve based on the deliverables assigned.

  • For any influencer already assigned deliverables, their predicted engagements, engagement rate predicted reach, and predicted EMV will populate.

  • Adding a budget will populate additional metrics, including predicted CPE, predicted CPM, and predicted social ROI.

  • To add new deliverables, click the + button in the deliverables box or click the edit button to add more deliverables to an influencer with deliverables already assigned

  • The total row at the bottom shows the predicted metrics for all your influencers and deliverables.

The Demographics tab populates the aggregated audience demographics from the influencers in your campaign.

The audience data will adjust accordingly as you add or remove influencers from your campaign. So, you can keep a pulse on any shifts in your audience as your campaign evolves.

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