Media Relations: Profile Types and Contact Roles

There are a few different types of profiles in Media Relations. Learn about their differences and how to personalize a profile yourself.

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Meltwater has added about 180,000 media contacts to the Media Contact Database and cross-referenced an existing 300,000. As part of this, we have introduced the concept of profile type, as well as additional contact roles. Learn more below:

This article will cover:

Verified Profiles

These profiles are for Media Contacts whose profiles have been reviewed by a Meltwater employee. When Meltwater reviews an automated profile and confirms that there is a sufficient degree of accuracy, it becomes verified. Verified profiles do not guarantee the accuracy of contact information.

Automated Profiles

These profiles are pieced together from information Meltwater collects online. Meltwater’s goal is to have a contact profile for every human author identified for content. Automated profiles are often limited in terms of the contact information that is available, especially for GDPR restricted countries and the State of California. However, if you have information on these contacts, you may personalize the profile, making use of Meltwater’s database like your very own address book. Personalized profiles are indicated by the User-modified badge.

Private Profiles

These profiles are those added by Meltwater users. They can be personalized and enriched with contact information, and in the future, we hope to automatically link these profiles to content and existing profiles. This will make it easier than ever to automatically link large lists of private contacts from other providers when onboarding with Meltwater. However, if a profile is Private, that information is private to the users of an account only. Other Meltwater customers will not see this information.

User-modified Profiles

When you personalize a profile by adding or updating contact information yourself, that profile becomes User-modified. Verified and Automated profiles can be user-modified. When a profile has the User-modified badge, it means that a user on the account has modified or added to that profile (added or overwritten some field). Meltwater will indicate which team member made the addition/edit and when, and these edits are private to your team.

Limited Profiles

When a journalist in our database is verifiably inactive or is in a role which we do not consider pitch-able, they may still be discovered in the platform. If you perform a search on their name or look at old content, you could find a limited profile.

We do not provide direct contact information for these people, but you may personalize their profile in order to send emails through Outreach or your integrated email account.

Personalizing a Journalist’s Profile

Simply navigate to the journalist’s profile and click ‘edit’ on their X handle, description, or contact information.

Roles and Contact Information

As part of the database update in 2023, we have added a number of new roles in the database. For some roles, Meltwater does not provide contact information. The reason we’ve added them to the database is to enrich your experience with understanding the people behind content that is relevant to you and your organization. See below roles for which we have contact information.


Contact Information?


Contact Information?


Business Executives


Business Professional


Medical Professional


Education Professional




Content Manager


Photographer/ Videographer












Forum Contributor


Media Celebrity

Video Journalist

Press Secretary

Content Creator

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