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Using Existing Coupon Codes Across Campaigns
Using Existing Coupon Codes Across Campaigns

Save time using coupon codes already created in Klear or in Shopify across campaigns.

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The existing coupon code feature, allows brands to re-use coupon codes created in Klear or import existing codes from a Shopify store to use across multiple campaigns.

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What's the Value?

Providing influencers with individual coupon codes can drive sales and help teams discover top performers to re-engage for long term partnerships. We have introduced the ability to use the same unique coupon codes across campaigns to help you:

  • Save Time- Eliminate the extra legwork of creating new coupon codes for every influencer within each campaign.

  • Seamless Migration- Easily transition your external efforts into new Klear campaigns by importing Shopify codes.

  • Streamline Long-Term Partnerships- Provide a smoother onboarding experience and stay consistent with assets across campaigns.

How does it Work?

You’ll need to head to Connect to either assign an existing Klear code or import a Shopify code. Select the influencer, and hit Send Coupon Code from the actions bar on the bottom. Then within the pop-up, start by selecting your connected store and click Use Existing Coupon. Then based on where the code was created do one of the following:

To use an existing coupon code created in Klear:

  • The Select Coupon drop-down will populate all the already existing codes you’ve created for this influencer within Klear. Choose the code you’d like to use for this campaign.

  • Once selected, you’ll see the limits assigned to the coupon and which campaign it was previously used in. Note: You cannot alter any of the limits defined for the coupon code from this module.

  • From here you can either send a message to the influencer with the code or skip this step if the influencer is already up to speed with the details.

  • Once assigned, you’ll see the coupon code reflected in the Coupon Code tab within Connect

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To import an existing coupon code from Shopify:

  • From the Select Coupon drop-down, click Import Coupon Code From Shopify

  • Within the pop-up, search for the coupon code you’d like to use. Keep in mind, a unique code can only be used by one influencer at a time. So any codes already in use will be grayed out. Note:This search will only pick up codes that start with your search term (example: typing “Mary” would only return results such as “Mary50” or “MarySummer” but not “NiceMary”).

  • Select the correct code and hit the import coupon button at the bottom to transfer your existing code into Klear.

  • Either send a message to the influencer with the code or skip this step if the influencer is already up to speed with the details.

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Tips & Tricks

When using coupon codes across campaigns, it’s important to keep in mind the entire history of conversions will be tracked and carried over to your new campaigns. Meaning results will automatically show up in both campaigns.

  • How To Accurately Measure Success: It’s always recommended to designate the specific timeframe your campaign will run within Measure in order to see the results stemming for your specific campaign. To do this, select the All Time button at the top right and select a predefined or Custom timeframe within the drop-down.

  • Avoid Double Dipping: If you have an influencer working on multiple campaigns during the same exact timeframe, it’s best to provide separate coupon codes in order to track the success of each campaign separately.

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