Using Content Clusters in Explore

Clustering related results based on topic similarity and generating summaries via AI, highlighting the most relevant content.

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Clustering related results based on topic similarity and generating summaries via AI, highlighting the most relevant content.

Learn more about using Content Clusters to help you identify statistically relevant events across news and social.

Content Clusters Overview

Using a proprietary AI, Meltwater clusters relate search results based on topic similarity and generate summaries for the cluster content. This helps by highlighting the most relevant content, quickly organizing similar stories, and summarizing the main points.

Each cluster can consist of any combination of News and Blog content. If social content on Twitter or Reddit shares a link to one of the documents contained within the cluster, we retrieve it as additional context to the story.

By automating the tedious process of reviewing and summarizing documents, we help with the lack of time and resources users face to provide a distillation of the main topics of search results. Saving users hours, and even days, of manually reading and summarizing content while at the same time removing any cognitive bias, and even uncovering potentially unseen patterns and themes.

Using Content Clusters

  1. Click Explore in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Select an existing saved search or create a new search

  3. Navigate to the AI-Powered Clusters widget

  4. Each cluster includes two columns, AI-Generated Clusters, and Mentions, sorted in descending order by mentions.

    AI-Generated Clusters: the AI-generated summarization of the main topic/theme related to the content

    Mentions: the total number of news, blogs, Twitter, and Reddit documents that were clustered and summarized.

  5. Click on any Content Cluster

  6. On the right-hand side, a slide-out content stream featuring Mentions and Analytics will appear

The Mentions Tab is filtered to show total mentions only the articles from that cluster. The content stream offers full functionality, including AI tags, searching, downloading, and more.

The Analytics Tab features four widgets filtered to the specific cluster, including mentions trend by hour, top locations, top keywords, and sentiment.

Adding Filters

Finally, you can add a pre-populated filter to your initial search. This will copy the parameters for the specific Content Cluster to the Context filter in Explore.

  1. Click Add filter

  2. Your original search will reload to include the additional filter. The filter will appear in the Context filter.

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