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Custom Landing Pages in Recruit
Custom Landing Pages in Recruit

Create a custom landing page in Klear and embed it directly on your website.

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Successful campaigns happen when you collaborate with influencers and creators who have an authentic connection with your brand. But finding and recruiting your best fits is a process that takes time and patience. As you scale, you’ll need a strategy that helps you focus your attention on influencers interested in a partnership without draining all of your resources.

Creating Custom Landing Pages

Use application forms hosted on shareable landing pages to discover and recruit new influencers within your existing community, brand advocates, and website visitors. Build a Recruit landing page with templates, or create your own with easy-to-use sections. Upload brand or product images and include unique copy to showcase your influencer program or upcoming campaign.

To Get Started:

Create a landing page in just five easy stages. Within Klear’s Recruit module, select the +Application Form button and choose the Landing Page option to get started.

Step 1: Choose a template or start from scratch

There are four available templates- Modern, Minimal, Compact, or Start from Scratch. We’d recommend the Modern template for an easy to follow and clean page layout. You can adjust Professional and Minimal templates and add additional sections.

Note: The Compact template uses the old application form builder and cannot be customized with Recruit’s new sections.

Recruit New Editor - modern template.png

Step 2: Upload your Content

There are five section types options that will change your page layout: Cover Image, Text, Basic, Gallery, and Call To Action.

  • Use the drop-down to select a section type and update each section with the appropriate text, imagery, background color, and CTA (if applicable).

    Note: Within the gallery section, you don’t need to upload images for all four placeholders. You can include less and the page will automatically adjust the design. Just remember to remove any text within the image textbox.

  • Repeat this process to fill in all the additional sections you’d like included in your page. Feel free to add or delete sections from the pre-built templates based on the format that works best for you.

  • As you make updates, you can toggle on the Live Preview button to see how your page appears on desktop or mobile.

Recruit New Editor-3.png

Update: When adding an image - you click Add Image to upload an image or click Select from Unsplash. Unsplash is a free image library.

To find an image, select any of the 18 preset topics or use the search bar to find specific images that suit a brand’s needs. The image orientation (landscape vs square) is preset to ensure it matches the corresponding content section. Click on an image to select it, and the image will be added to your landing page.

Get to know the landing page section types below:

Pro Tips For Creating Your Page:

  • To make text bold in any paragraph text box, type an asterisk (*) before and after the desired copy point.

  • To include bullets in paragraph text box, use hyphens (-) before each sentence

  • To include any visually interactive elements on your page, you can upload a GIF as an image.

Step 3: Build your application Form

  • Follow the prompts to update your text, determine the information you want to collect from influencers and build your application questions.

  • Edit the Thank You message text and title, that applicants will see after submitting their form.

  • Assign questions as custom variables to an influencer’s profile for later use.

Question examples:

• Address

• Country of residence

• Birthday

• Product preferences

• Sizing

• Shopping preferences

• Why they think they may be a good fit

• Preferred social channel

Recruit New Editor-4.png

Step 4: Select your styling

Choose the appropriate font, sizing, and colors to apply across your landing page AND application form.

Recruit New Editor-5.png

Step 5: Create your URL

Finalize your landing page URL to include your brand name or other unique brand identifier.

Finally, once you are done hit Save to finalize your application form and landing page and start sharing your link! You can also save your form and revisit it to finish later.

🪄 Pro Tip: We recommend linking your Recruit landing page on your social media channels and providing your social media management team with the link so they can easily field brand partnership requests.

Embed your Landing Page

Now that a landing page is created you can embed the landing page directly on your website. This will help shine a spotlight on your influencer efforts and entice more fans to apply.

After creating your custom landing page in Recruit - in the final step you’ll be provided with a snippet of code and full instructions for setup to pass along to your tech team. All that needs to be done is to place this piece of code on the page where your landing page should be displayed. Now, you are ready to start recruiting.

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