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What is a workspace ?

Workspaces allow you to visualize and modify your project's data.

  1. Manage existing workspaces

  2. Add or remove queries

  3. Modify the display of your workspace sand create customized views

  4. Add or delete your social accounts (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo)

  5. Add or remove benchmark entities

  6. Choose the users who see your workspaces

Adding a query to your workspace

  1. Click on the workspaces tab

  2. Choose the workspace you want to change

  3. Click + to add a query that you have created beforehand in the query parameters.

Add and modulate the views of the Analytics Details

  1. Click on the workspace tab

  2. Choose the workspace you want

  3. Click on the Custom Views box to view the pre-configured views.

When you click on one of the already existing Views, you access the details of that view.

You can modulate it as you wish by adjusting various parameters:

  1. Change the name of the selected view

  2. Use a preset template.

  3. Reset the view by removing all tiles already present.Delete the currently selected view.

  4. Change the size, the field (information) as well as the type of graphs that present the information in the tile. The latter can also be deleted by clicking on the "trash" icon located at the top right of the tile.


If you want to create a custom view while keeping the pre-configured views, click on the "Create new view" button located at the bottom right of the Custom View box.


PS1: A tile can sometimes be displayed in red when its dimensions are not considered optimal for a good readability of the data.
PS2: Custom fields can also be integrated into a View.

Add a social account to the workspace

  1. Click on the workspaces tab

  2. Or create a new one

  3. Open the social accounts box

Click add a social account and select the account from the social account settings you have plugged in.

Adding a benchmark entity to the workspace

  1. Select an existing workspace

  2. Or create a new one

  3. Open the benchmark entities box

Click Add Benchmark Entity and select the entity that you previously created in the Benchmark settings.

Adding a user

  1. Select an existing workspace

  2. Or create a new one

  3. Open the Allowed users in this workspace

Click Add User and select the user you previously created in the user settings.

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