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What can I use it for?

The corpus filter helps you to access the posts of your influencers, ambassadors, etc. in just one click.

A single corpus can gather several types of sources and several sources of the same type (website, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Sina Weibo accounts or YouTube channel).

More information on the difference between an influencers group and a corpus in our FAQ session.

Where to find the Corpus?

You can use the corpus as a filter from each view of the listening part of your project (Real-Time Stream, Archive, Analytical Synthesis and Analytics details) or in the query settings (search or focus).


Creating a corpus

The creation or modification of corpus are reserved for the administrators of any project:

  1. Open the settings

  2. Select the corpus tab

  3. Create a new corpus by clicking +

  4. Give it a title

  5. Add or remove sources in the management area of your corpus

  6. Click Create at the bottom of the page to finalize the operation

How to edit a corpus / add a social account

  1. In the corpus management area, select the desired platform

  2. Click add xxx accounts

  3. Select the page search tab

  4. Enter the name of the source you want to track

  5. Click Search

  6. Click Add

  7. Click Update

  8. You can delete a source within a corpus, by clicking on the red button

You can add the social accounts connected to Radarly in a corpus by clicking on the tab My pages.

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