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What can I use it for?

Post & Analytics can be considered to be the story telling section - Within the Post & Analytics section you will be able to dive deep into the analysis of a specific subject

We can use this section to answer different questions, such as:

  • What do we see in top posts?

  • Which platforms have the most conversation?

  • What audiences are impactful?

  • What do we see in images overall?

  • How is the sentiment around my company?

  • What’s trending around my company?

Search, Sort and Show: How to filter the content and display it?

To retrieve the data you want, use the filter tools:

  1. Choose the time period

  2. Use the filter and search bar

  3. All elements in the tiles are clickable to display the data

  4. Export the data in Excel format



Active filters are displayed in the search and filters bar

The search and filters bar

In a few words:

  • A categorization of filters

  • A clear overview of activated filters

  • A complete page to easily preview the available filters

  • A 'Main filters' category with the most used filters by users


The instant counter of the number of publications:


Record combinations of filters:

To record a combination of filters, you can:

  • Use the dedicated menu (displayed on the left of the filters overview)

  • The button ' save the current filters' at the bottom left of the new panel



The created filter combinations are stored at both the user and workspace level but:

  • At the user level: user A and user B work on the same workspace. User A has registered a combination of filters, user B does not see the filters registered by user A and vice versa

  • At the workspace level: User A is working on workspace 1 and has saved a combination of filters. He goes to the workspace 2 and he can not see the filters embedded in workspace 1

At any time you can change your saved combinations using the dedicated menu. this menu is displayed to the left of the filters preview. With this menu you can:

  • Change the name of the combinations

  • Edit the saved filters in the combination

  • Replace a combination of filters

  • Remove a combination of filters


"Zoom in" in the information

It is possible to obtain more detailed information on each chart. Hover your cursor over any graph and a sign will appear to allow you enlarge and display the details of the analysis of the selected data in full screen.

Full screen view:


Note :

A view by country, regions and cities is available.

Export the data

The data can be exported from Radarly. For example, in Analytics Details, a click at the top right of the "Export" button downloads an Excel file containing graphics and raw data. A list of contents / publications is also exportable.

Click the Export button:


Example of a Statistics Excel file:

Export in image:

Exporting each graphic in images for your presentations is now completely customizable. From the Analytics Details page of your project, you can select the tile or tiles you want to export in image.


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