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Radarly: Search any keywords (brands, products, trends, #hashtags...)
Radarly: Search any keywords (brands, products, trends, #hashtags...)
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Radarly Search provides an instant search on Radarly archive.

Search any keywords using boolean operators. A text can only be retained when it respects the characteristics defined by the boolean operators. Inputs in Radarly queries follow the same syntax.


The terms of the search do not take into account the case or symbols so we can find Éléphant by looking for elephant.

Remember to use different spellings for the words you want to follow:

  • All the words attached (lecoqsportif OR "le coq sportif")

  • Frequent typos ("raphael nadal" OR "rafael nadal")

  • Plurial and singular (jacket OR jackets)

  • etc.


The quotation marks

Use quotation marks to search for a complete expression.

"le coq sportif"

Linkfluence Search will capture all publications containing the complete phrase "le coq sportif", but not those containing only "le coq" or "coq sportif".

Use the OR operator to search for different terms.

linkfluence OR "social media intelligence"

Two sets linked by OR add up, linkfluence OR "social media intelligence" will report all publications containing linkfluence as well as all publications containing "social media intelligence".

Use the AND operator to associate multiple search terms.

(linkfluence OR "social media intelligence") AND (acquisition OR "raising fund")

Linkfluence Search will display all publications contaning linkfluence or "social media intelligence" provided that these publications also contain acquisition OR "raising fund".

Use the NOT to exclude certain terms from your search.

nike NOT (football)

Linkfluence Search will pick up the posts that contain the word nike and exclude the results that contain the term football.

Expressions or compound words must be written between symbols " " and “ ” or « » are invalid. So we have to look for "president Barack Obama" rather than «president Barack Obama».
The maximum length of a search is 1000 characters.
Operators must be written in capital letters!

Some examples:

If you write:

Radarly Search will display ...

... But will not display

"tagada strawberry"

My Kids love the tagada strawberry candy

My kids love the strawberry candies, especially the tagada.

"music festival"

Some musicians are present for the music festival

Amazing event! #musicfestival

"Jean-Jacques Bourdin"

The interview of Jean-Jacques Bourdin...

The interview of J.J. Bourdin

strawberries AND raspberries

We recommend you strawberries and raspberries

I love the strawberry yogurt, and I hate thos with raspberries

Use of parentheses:

Parentheses allow you to create precedence rules between your keywords.

If you write:

Radarly Search will display ...

... But will not display

(strawberry AND tagada) OR (haribo AND crocodiles)

+ The crocodiles are my favorite Haribo candies
+ The strawberry tagada is my favotire Haribo candy

+ My Kids love the strawberry candies, especially the tagadas
+ I like the crocodiles and the tagada

(("San Antonio" OR Sanantonio) AND (Spurs)) NOT (basketball)

+ The win of San Antonio Spurs !
+ San Antonio's team of Spurs is a great team of basket

+ Basketball: the win of San Antonio Spurs!
+ Watching the Spurs #sanantonio #basketball


Use the filters tool to refine your search.


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