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Radarly: Get started with Search
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What can I use it for?

Here's a 2-minute video to introduce a powerful and easy tool for discovering market trends and brand insights:

Linkfluence Search Tabs



The post tab displays the posts returned by the search terms. It is composed of 3 columns:

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Media

  • Blogs, Web, Forums


You can sort the posts displayed in the post tab using the Sort by date or the Sort by Source authority (based on the numbers of followers for Social Media accounts and on impressions per page for Media and Web sources).


It is composed of the following charts:

  • Platforms

  • Hashtags

  • Country

  • Topics

  • Demographics

  • Occupations

  • Related entities

  • Emojis

  • Sentiment

  • Languages

You can click on the charts to filter the data.

Images and videos:

These tabs display only the videos and the images of the posts tab.


You can sort the images and videos displayed by Date or Source authority.

Linkfluence Search Filters

You can access the filters by clicking on the Advanced search options.


Each of your searched topics can be filtered.


The following filters are available :

  • Platforms

  • Countries

  • Languages

  • Author's gender

  • Sentiment

  • Topics


The filter panel is the same panel as in Radarly but with less filters.

Radarly Search Exports

You can export all the charts on the Statistics section of Radarly Search.

  1. Exports are available in PNG:
  2. Exports are also available in XLS:

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