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Content Classification is the process of categorizing and organizing textual or multimedia content based on predefined criteria.

In the context of Radarly, it involves labeling the project posts under a predefined set of categories organized by topics and built on a three-level ontology to facilitate effective analysis and understanding. This is made possible by making content classification available in various places in Radarly, such as filter panels, widgets, etc.

To date, the Radarly ontology covers more than 1072 categories at all levels, and classification can be carried out on content published in 85 languages.

This classification is multi-label - If a document talks about several topics, the content will be classified into several categories. For instance: ‘Sports > Extreme Sports’ AND ‘News > Sports News’.

It is available in the following components:

  • Bar chart and sunburst widgets

  • All the filter panels of Radarly

  • Query setup in settings

  • Triggers of the tagging grid

Example of the content classification filters in the settings

The classifier supports the following 85 languages:


Supported before Nov. 13, 2023

New languages

Supported since Nov. 13, 2023

  • Chinese - Simplified (ZH-CN)

  • Chinese - Traditional(ZH-TW)

  • Dutch (NL)

  • English (EN)

  • French (FR)

  • German (DE)

  • Italian (IT)

  • Japanese (JA)

  • Korean (KO)

  • Portuguese (PT)

  • Russian (RU)

  • Spanish (ES)

  • Swedish (SV)

  • Afrikaans (AF)

  • Arabic (AR)

  • Azerbaijani (AZ)

  • Belarusian (BE)

  • Bulgarian (BG)

  • Catalan (CA)

  • Czech (CS)

  • Welsh (CY)

  • Danish (DA)

  • Greek (EL)

  • Esperanto (EO)

  • Estonian (ET)

  • Basque (EU)

  • Persian (FA)

  • Finnish (FI)

  • Irish (GA)

  • Scottish (GD)

  • Galician (GL)

  • Gujarati (GU)

  • Hausa (HA)

  • Hebrew (HE)

  • Hindi (HI)

  • Croatian (HR)

  • Hungarian (HU)

  • Armenian (HY)

  • Indonesian (ID)

  • Icelandic (IS)

  • Javanese (JV)

  • Georgian (KA)

  • Kazakh (KK)

  • Khmer (KM)

  • Kannada (KN)

  • Kurdish (KU)

  • Lithuanian (LT)

  • Latvian (LV)

  • Malagasy (MG)

  • Macedonian (MK)

  • Malayalam (ML)

  • Mongolian (MN)

  • Marathi (MR)

  • Malay (MS)

  • Burmese (MY)

  • Nepali (NE)

  • Norwegian (NO)

  • Oromo (OM)

  • Oriya (OR)

  • Ottoman (OTA)

  • Polish (PL)

  • Pashto (PS)

  • Romanian (RO)

  • Sanskrit (SA)

  • Sindhi (SD)

  • Sinhala (SI)

  • Slovak (SK)

  • Slovenian (SL)

  • Somali (SO)

  • Albanian (SQ)

  • Serbian (SR)

  • Sundanese (SU)

  • Swahili (SW)

  • Tamil (TA)

  • Telugu (TE)

  • Thai (TH)

  • Tagalog (TL)

  • Turkish (TR)

  • Uyghur (UG)

  • Ukrainian (UK)

  • Urdu (UR)

  • Uzbek (UZ)

  • Vietnamese (VI)

  • Xhosa (XH)

  • Yiddish (YI)

Applications in Radarly

Content Classification is available in Radarly and the Insight Pages through different widgets such as the sunburst visualization, bar charts, and word clouds.

You can filter the widgets by clicking on the topic.

You can filter the posts by content classification.

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