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Radarly allows you to discover and track influencers. In this article, we are going to help you assess your influencers performance, and determine new potential advocates through a variety of criteria's (source, reach, contribution).

How can I monitor the effectiveness of my influencer strategy?

Influencers have a great impact in boosting brand mentions, engagements, and reach thanks to their large presence online.

For Linkfluence, any social account or website that produces content on a particular topic has the potential to be an “influencer”. As such, we can have media websites, blogs or corporate accounts, as well as the more traditional “influencer”, in the Influencers section of your workspaces.

You can easily track the total number of posts mentioning your brands, track the engagement and reach of your influencers to evaluate their performance in your campaign to evaluate your influencer policy.

How can I track the impact of the influencers I have activated?

If the influencers you are monitoring are part of a campaign, read further about how to track a campaign here.

  1. Create a corpus of activated influencers to filter their content. Alternatively, you can create influencer groups in the user card display.

  2. Use the Influencers tab and rank your influencers by the main Radarly KPIs to assess their performance.

  3. Evaluate the performance of the influencers by analysing their engagement actions, estimated reach, and subscribers to assess whether their audiences are engaging with their content.

  4. You are also able to audit the performance on your influencers by selecting "analytics" in their profile scorecard to discover their 12-month subscriber evolution.


How to discover new influencers?

  1. Exclude the corpus the social accounts of activated influencers when looking for potential Influencers.

  2. Select the filters in the search bar, under Authors: Type of Author and select Individual Person to discover authors that are individual persons.

  3. Select queries from broader topics (e.g. Champagne Category) to discover potential influencers are already talking about your industry or your brand.

Tips & Tricks

  • Before the start of the campaign, make sure the list of influencers and keywords are present in your Radarly project.

  • Check whether your influencers have a professional (Creator/Business) Instagram account or Facebook page to ensure that Radarly can track the most relevant KPIs.

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