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Radarly: Analyze the customer experience
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Radarly helps you to get a deep understanding of how your products are consumed and how your consumers feel about this experience.

Customers have a strong tendency to express themselves on the traditional web (blog/forum/review) or on the social web (Twitter in particular). It is therefore important to be able to follow as well as possible the expectations and criticisms of consumers, whether for their own brand or for a particular sector.

Combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, you’ll be able to better understand your markets, customer needs, pain points, and frustrations with your products, stores, distributors, and competition.

How to analyze the customer experience

When talking about "customer experience", we can talk about lots of things: product reviews, brand level, customer journey, and segment or categories understanding.

You can either set up the topics on your own by using Custom Fields, or you can connect with your Customer Success Manager who is going to help you structure the data to translate your needs into actionable insights.

  1. Use these KPIs to easily analyze customer experience:
    - Posts&Reposts: Which are the products that are driving most conversations?
    - Estimated Reach: Which products are driving the most visibility?
    - Engagement Actions: Which are the most popular products?
    More about Radarly main metrics, here.

  2. Set up alerts triggered when there is a significant increase in posts. It allows you to see when a pillar interests customers much more in order to respond to it as quickly as possible.
    We advise you to set an alert threshold between 25% and 50% increase in the number of posts.

  3. Check regularly your workspace and see how and if your customer experience improves over time thanks to your specific offline and online actions.

  4. Use the Influencers section of Radarly to find potential ambassadors or detractors of your product to engage with, or that have engaged with your brand by sorting by Estimated Reach or by volume of posts.

Going further

With Radarly Customer Experience you’ll better understand real customer feedback to achieve the importance of peer reviews in the buying decision process by:

  • Monitor the health of your brand, products, and competitors

  • Analyze the shopping experience in stores or online channels (e-commerce)

  • Benchmark the popularity of products or retailers against your competitors

  • Detect any negative feedback on the product use, application, or packaging and react quickly

Please contact your Account Manager to learn more about this advanced add-on.

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